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Father’s Day 2017 – It’s a Suite Life at Raffles Makati

9 full days of walking from mornings ’til late nights, sight-seeing, shopping, eating, discovering new things and trying new experiences. 9 super busy & tiring days of family bonding that we were completely wiped out by the time we came back last Saturday from Korea. (Separate series of posts to follow – hopefully soon when I get back my energy haha)

The entire afternoon of Sunday right after our usual church service, all of us were knocked out in the comfort of our own beds until the next day, no joke. We were THAT tired. As you may already know, vacations for us are not really vacations, but triathlons (walking, eating, shopping), lol. So the thought of a weekend staycation at one of the best & most luxurious hotels in Manila with nothing to do but veg sounded really, REALLY good.

Raffles Makati

1 Raffles Drive corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati (02) 555-9777

We celebrated Father’s Day at Raffles Makati, one of our favorite hotels in the metro. Spectrum, the Writer’s Bar, and Mireio are our frequent jaunts when it comes to Raffles & Fairmont Makati, but we have never stayed overnight at either. Father’s Day was a great opportunity to spend a relaxing & carefree weekend at Raffles Makati! <3

And we had a most perfect plan too! Dinner with the kids, they go home after, then honeymoon for me & Kap at a posh Junior Suite, wheeeeee! We didn’t get to have any alone time during the 9 days that we were away that it was essential we got to spend quality time with just each other.

The secret to a lasting marriage is to keep the fire burning and the passion alive. Kap & I have been together almost 31 years, married for the past 23. But the romance never died because we both make an effort to still get kilig at every opportunity. One tender look from him & I reeeeally melt, ask the kids. They are the witnesses to every landian that happens, and they couldn’t wait to get away fast enough from us for our romansa-espesyal night out. ;)

But first, dinner!


Advance Father’s Day dinner celebration at one of our fave restos, Spectrum of Fairmont Makati. As expected, it was filled to capacity as Spectrum has one of the more popular buffets in the metro. <3


Enjoy a live-theater of culinary sensations at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati: salad station, bread station, Japanese, seafood, Western, Filipino, Chinese, Carving, and their newest offering, the Arabic and Indian stations (left photo) which are as flavorful as they can get! Be still my wildly beating heart!


Our favorite still remains to be the Japanese station. Their offerings of super fresh sashimi assortments are really something we look forward to every time we dine here. Seafood lovers, make sure you sample at least one (or two, or three) from the vast offerings of the freshest squids, prawns, and mussels which you can ask the chef to cook for you the way you want it.


They also have various dishes to enjoy at the Filipino station. Hands down Kap’s favorite, the Chinese Station is also a must-try with all the dim sum, siopao, and steamed whole fish on display for your taking.


For meat-loving diners (ME!!), their carving station is definitely one stop you just can’t resist. Plus a wide array of cheeseses & desserts. Yuuum! <3


Celebrate life & each other at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati, with an all-day dining like no other. Breakfast Buffet: P1,450 net per person | Lunch Buffet: P2,150 net per person | Dinner Buffet: P2,380 net per person from Sundays to Thursdays; and 
P2,450 net per person Fridays and Saturdays | Sunday Brunch: P2,777 net per person. Sangria Upgrade: Additional P1,000 net per person . To reserve, call 02-795-1840 or email at dining.makati@fairmont.com

Checking in was so easy & convenient at Raffles Makati where the Junior Suite is their least luxurious accommodation. *gasp* I know right, a suite no less!! No standing, no queueing, no long lines. I just sat pretty like a princess & voila, my key cards were handed to me by a smiling & courteous front desk manager & up we went. VIP treatment all the way & personalized service throughout our stay -complete with my very own butler!


It’s HONEYMOON time for me & Kap! Er, I meant family bonding time pala with our monkeys na mahilig makisawsaw, lol. :P

raffles-makati-junior suite-01

Enjoy an overnight at Raffles Makati with price starting at P12,250 and ranging to P52,700. Choose from any of the well-appointed suites: Junior Suite, Executive Suite, and the three-bedroom Presidential Suite. Every suite offers a different luxury experience. For more details, call 02-555-9777 or email: concierge.makati@raffles.com

raffles-makati-junior suite-02

Upon reaching your floor, a private door that needs a key card according to your specific landing leads to a long hallway where you can find a series of suites. Now this is what you call ultra privacy. ;) Shhhh.. Nakakahiyang mag-ingay!

raffles-makati-junior suite-03

Our junior suite opened to a reading nook that shares floor space with a small dining area right beside. Another doorway leads to the master bedroom and within the spacious room is another door & short hallway leading to the master bathroom. I fell in love with the warm tones & posh furnishings. I felt so at home & wanted to stay there forever, never to leave! :P

raffles-makati-junior suite-04

When booking your stay, make sure you mention ahead of time the type of accommodation you prefer. A single king bed is available, or if you have kids sleeping with you, then request for a suite with 2 queen beds so you don’t feel too crowded.

raffles-makati-junior suite-05

The master bath is HUGE! It’s as big as ours so I felt at home right away. Ganyan and banyo. <3 This is definitely Chuvaness-approved! \m/ And of course, even in the bathroom, my girls still find time to photoshoot. Haaaay buhaaaay! @_@

raffles-makati-junior suite-goppets

They say that mothers are the light & heart of the home. If that is the case, then I say that fathers are source of that light & the soul of the home. Because no matter how hard a mother tries to make her house a happy home, if the father strays & neglects his family, unity, harmony & joy cannot be achieved. Agree? So cheers to the haligi of our tahanan, the one person majorly responsible for the love, joy & laughter in our home. A devoted father, a faithful husband, a responsible steward of God. Truly, the key to a happy family (not perfect, but imperfectly perfect), is the head of the family’s strong relationship with the Lord. Having God in your life is the start, and in your marriage vital. Everything else follows.

raffles-makati-junior suite-moppets-01

The plan was, Kap & I will stay overnight, then the kids will go home. Kaso ang kinalabasan, we all had major separation anxiety issues, plus the beds looked SO INVITING that the kids decided to take a “nap lang mommy” which turned out to be tulog hanggang sa tumilaok na ang manok. Purnada tuloy ang honeymoon namin ni Kap my Kap. :))

raffles-makati-junior suite-05

Ya know what they say, lakas maka-release ng oxytocin (“love” hormone) ng chocolates. So I just bid my honey with a chaste goodnight kiss and the girls & I proceeded to attack the delectably moist choco brownie at the ante room, hehe. ;) Ubos!


The morning after, daming pent-up energy ni Kap. ;) Nagyaya mag-gym haha. The gym is shared by guests of both hotels & drinks/snack (apple) are readily available for your convenience. How thoughtful! <3 If you want a smaller, more private pool, I suggest you use the Raffles Makati pool which is exclusive only to Raffles Makati guests.


Or if you don’t mind sharing personal space, you can choose to use the Fairmont Makati pool which is a little bigger since it’s serving 2 hotels -both Raffles Makati (crossover) & Fairmont Makati. Need a massage? Call for room service from Willow Stream Spa & get those kinks out with a 1.5 hours Traditional Hilot Foot & Body Massage for the tune of 4k. Sounds sinfully decadent, doesn’t it? <3 Some of the facilities offered in the spa are: eucalyptus steam room (great for freeing up that clogged nose), gym and stretching area, spa suites, hair salon, and a full-service nail studio.

When you book your stay at Raffles Makati, a complimentary breakfast at Mireio for 2 adults & 2 kids aged 5 below is part of the package. We ate a quick breakfast before heading off to church -a Sunday activity that is non-negotiable with Kap. Hindi pu-puwede sa Goppets home ang hindi mag-simba. Kap is such a good & Godly leader to our family. <3


If it were up to me, I’d so go for breakfast in bed so I can go back to sleep after, lol. But Kap was wide awake early the next day & raring to have breakfast downstairs at maki-usi sa mga kaganapan sa Raffles Makati! :P


Haaaaay, ang gwapo naman ng asawa ko. *kilig* Breakfast of champions for our champ! Then off to church for our weekly dose of nourishment for the soul. But first, nourishment for the body. Included with our overnight stay at Raffles Makati: Continental buffet plus one a la carte dish of your choice. When dining as a walk-in guests, you can have either just the continental buffet (1,100) or any a la carte dish from the menu (500), or both (1,600).


Nag-inspection muna ang hotel supervisor! ;)) Raffles Makati guests can also opt to have a more substantial brekky at Spectrum in Fairmont Makati. But we preferred the more quiet ambiance at Mireio. I am not a morning person & I preferred quiet over the hustle & bustle as I start my day.


Besides, I’ve always loved the light & maaliwalas feel at Mireio. Lakas maka-good vibes. <3 Fresh vanilla-infused milk, anyone?


Cheese & cold cuts platters also available, lakas naman maka-sosyal. ;))


On our table: My Continental buffet picks (plus yogurt with an assortment of fruit & nut toppings kasi nagpapanggap na healthy), Kap’s Pan-seared salmon with miso & nori (top right), and my a la carte – Beef tapa & papaya (bottom right). Both from the Asian corner. Served with rice & 2 sunny side eggs and of course kanin, Kap’s kind of brekky. ;)


Also available for a la carte dishes: Classic parisian omelet, Scrambled eggs (above), and Eggs benedict. Crepes, Pancakes & French toast. Pair with complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or me!! :-*

To the leader of our happy home, the pilot & the navigator of our life’s direction, happy Father’s day.  The kids are SO BLESSED to have you as their dad. And I am beyond blessed to have you as my husband. Thank you for remaining constant in spite of the many changes in me -physically & so much more, and in our life through the years. For choosing to love me, and for choosing to keep & uphold our family. I love you Jeffrey C. Go! You are my one & only hero Kapitan K! :-*


Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 New International Version (NIV)  9 – Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. 10 – If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. 11 – Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? 12 – Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. So every family member should do his part for the success of the family. Happy Father’s Day to the NUMBER 1 DAD, our Father in Heaven. And Happy Father’s Day to Kap my Kap, to all our daddy friends in the universe, and to brave, amazing single moms who have a tough job of being both parents to their children. Note: Since Kap is the head, I am the undisputed neck (and we all know the neck’s very important job – lol. It controls the head’s direction) Joke .. 1/2

PS: Greenbelt is just a short walking distance away from Raffles Makati. My kids are so full of energy that staycation for them STILL means going around the city! @_@

Our pleasant compromise was reclining seats so I can nap while they watched a movie. Iba na talaga and tumatanda, naku! #moreenergymashappy

Unfortunately, my plans of napping was nixed by the highly engrossing action movie that kept my eyes glued to the screen. CLICK HERE to watch the official trailer of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise.

Yes, we are truly a match made in heaven. Patay na patay namang masyado sa akin, pati ba naman bag ko tinernohan ni Kap my Kap para in sync kami. #orangeandelectricblue HAHAHAHAHA!

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