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Seafood Sunday Brunch at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati

With our month-long trip just a week away, and who knows when we can have our bellies as full again (We’re talking euro here. By now you must be privy to Kap & his penny-pinching ways, lol), the fambam had sort of a “last supper” at our favorite buffet place in town, SPECTRUM in Fairmont Makati.


The gang fresh from Sunday Service yesterday, armed with a generous serving of food for the soul. <3 So very ready for some food for the belly by noontime. #blessup


My anchors in this journey called Life. They keep me grounded, inspired, and happy. So very happy. :)

Spectrum, Fairmont Makati

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati 632 795 1888 | 632 555 9888

Spectrum at Fairmont Makati brings a taste of the ocean with a wide-array of crustaceans, shellfish, scallops, and deep-sea favorites to name a few with its Seafood Sundays for a limited time only from 12 noon to 3 PM. Families can gather over a bounty of seafood delights specially dished-up for the occasion. Savor the catch of the day, prepared to your preference be it fresh, grilled, or tossed in pasta.


The Goppets have always enjoyed the bounty from the sea at Spectrum, but more so now that it’s celebrating #SeafoodSundays . Triple the choices! \m/


Because it was a seafood festival, I went straight for the freshest catch.


The kids had a feast with these tuna & salmon poke.


As you can see. :) My beautiful triplets.


Ya know what they say about oysters & romance. I made sure to get plenty, lol! I also made sure Kap got DOUBLE my serving, hehe.


From raw..


to cooked. Grilled to perfection! <3


For 2,777 php net, even Kap was VERY happy with this seafood spread. He was smiling, and burping, all the way! ;))


Seafood paella negra, what a pleasant surprise! Now that’s what you call a generous topping. Umaapaw!


Hindi naman halatang masyado akong masaya diba. ;) #kiligtothebones


My appetizer plate. I went easy on the sushi this time, gotta save room for the more important stuff.


When the siblings are happy, momma is also very happy.


Oy yes, very VERY happy! ;) Love-sters, anyone? The freshest seafood catch only at Spectrum in Fairmont Makati. 2,777 net, Sunday brunch.


My pescatarean girl was in seafood heaven. She must have had SEVEN-eight servings of grilled love-ster tails, among many others! Diet? What diet. ;)


And she was most certainly not alone in her love affair with the love-sters. As appetizer, in between everything else, and after-dessert. Walang katapusanKaloka!

Because even with the freshest catch, I’m still a meat kind of gal through & through, I  enjoyed the best of both worlds by having surf AND turf.. and other not-so-secret things.


Coz cheese makes the world go round. Check!


Had to pass on the cold cuts though..


Coz I wanted a thick slice of juicy, medium-well cooked Prime Rib. Yuuum!


Isn’t this the most gorgeous plate you have ever laid your eyes on? <3 Bursting with lotsa flavors -meat, veggies & grilled fruits. Perfect trifecta, really. Oh, and bread. Gotta remember the bread!

And hey, don’t forget to leave room for dessert as whimsical sweets and pastries inspired by the seven seas deck Spectrum‘s buffet tables!


This very tempting spread right beside the entrance to Spectrum made me want to start my lunch with dessert. But I had to constrain myself. Mommies are supposed to set good example, after all. ;P


Chef Nikki Misa has outdone herself again with her wild & playful imagination. <3 Crab Macaron, wtf!


Channeling under the sea..


And this almost had me fooled! Sticky rice under those colorful fruit toppings disguised as sushi. Best dipped in chocolate, noms!


Because Sundays (and every day after) are Cheatdays! Spectrum at Fairmont Makati makes the BEST & the prettiest desserts, I swear! . Enjoy sunday brunch with the fambam, every moment spent with the family is precious.

Spectrum’s Sunday Brunch at the Ranch is at Php 2,777 nett per person. Pair this hearty fare with endless pouring of wines and sangria also available to indulge in with an upgrade of PHP 1,000 nett. Children from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price.


And just when I was stuffed beyond belief, one for the road with this Oyster Vodka Shot. (Oyster, vodka, tomato, and tabasco) With a lemon chaser after. Absolutely dee-licious. Cheers!


Say hello to #scubadiverjena #lifeguardjana #mermanjonah #captainkapitan and #motherofpearl , lol. Blessings come in many forms. And I get plenty from my super crazy but fun family. I don’t know how I got so lucky with this brood. God is just so good. These peeps truly define LOVE & JOY.  Thank you team GOppets for the million & one happiness you bring each & every day. What a fun Sunday brunch spent in the best company with the best food. ???? Seafood party only at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati.


Whad’ya know? Found myself a pearl, lol. This is what busog- lusog does, mega happiness.


I’d be happy to be your co-captain my Hunny, in this lifetime & the next. #kasitalagangmayforever

For inquiries and more information, do call Raffles and Fairmont Makati’s Restaurant Reservations at 795 1840 or email dining.makati@raffles.com.

See you soon, Spectrum! After 30 days with Kapitan K(unit) in a foreign land using FOREIGN EXCHANGE, I’ll probably be malnourished AF. :P Yaya ilabas nga ang beeeelt!

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