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Royal Afternoon Tea Ala Marie Antoinette at Raffles Makati

Raffles Makati launches the first of its Royal Afternoon Tea series at the Writers Bar – the elegant lounge lined with books and art known for its traditional afternoon tea served with a whimsical twist.


A charming tea etiquette guide and Marie Antoinette trivia adorns the table. The girls & I had fun browsing over the leaflets while waiting for our Royal Afternoon Tea to be served.

The Royal Afternoon Tea follows the successful Prêt-a-PorTea series themed after iconic fashion brands Kate Spade, Furla, Tiffany, and Charriol. Click HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE for my delightful tête-à-tête with my charming daughters while indulging in a fancy goûter.

The Royal Afternoon Tea Series started May 1, and will last for a very limited time only until July 31. It will be first featuring the luxurious Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea.

Marie Antoinette (2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793)

Indulge in a medley of sweet and savoury creations inspired by Marie Antoinette, a queen known for her extravagant lifestyle.

Marie Antoinette; born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna (2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793) was the last Queen of France and Navarre before the French Revolution. She was born an Archduchess of Austria, and was the fifteenth and second youngest child of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

The Royal Afternoon Tea features delicate desserts which include classic Lavender macarons; delightful cakes such as a chocolate-orange financier and a rose-and-white chocolate flavoured religieuse; bite-sized apple and almond tart; quaint vanilla sugar cookies; and fruity strawberry Pavlova.

Savoury, French-themed tea-cup sandwiches are also served like brioche topped with egg and black truffle, foie gras terrine served on hazelnut bread, Niçoise on “pain de campagne à la tomate”, and the traditional onion tartlet.


It’s always a delight browsing over the many tea selections at the Writer’s Bar of Raffles Makati which is already included in your Royal Afternoon Tea package. I like fruity drinks so I asked for my all-time favorite, the WHITE VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT tea.


Desserts include macarons, a chocolate-orange financier and a rose-and-white chocolate flavoured religieuse; bite-sized apple and almond tart, sugar cookies, and a fruity strawberry Pavlova. French-themed tea-cup sandwiches are also served like brioche topped with egg and black truffle, foie gras terrine served on hazelnut bread, Niçoise on “pain de campagne à la tomate”, and the traditional onion tartlet.


Champagne is something that I can never say NO to. Life is a celebration & I take advantage of every opportunity to give a toast to every single day on earth that I get to enjoy with the people I love. <3


Like these 2. ;) Every day with them seems like a special occasion, I am indeed blessed.

If you are a fine china collector, Wedgwood will have a display of its Butterfly Bloom collection at the Writer’s Bar of Raffles Makati. Wedgwood is an iconic English tableware brand, and its collections have graced the tables of royal families and illustrious heads of states such as the Vatican and White House.

A special discount for Wedgwood tea sets will be extended to guests availing of this special for-a-limited-time-only Marie Antoinette Royal Afternoon Tea.


I have a modest silver collection at home. I wonder if I should start with fine china as well. ;)


If I do, will Kap build me another display cabinet once I start my love affair with fine china? ;P


The Writer’s Bar at Raffles Makati presents several fine WEDGWOOD pieces on display for a very limited time coinciding with its Royal Afternoon Tea promotion at 10% off! \m/


Butterfly in Bloom Wedgwood Collection is a fun & colorful, more youthful collection , perfect for the young & starting collectors.


You may order your very own set by accomplishing this form & sending to info@bitsandbobs.com.ph, or browse more pieces by CLICKING HERE.

Enjoy this delicately designed Marie Antoinette Royal Afternoon Tea at the Writer’s Bar of Raffles Makati from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily at Php 1,500 for two. Add a glass of champagne at Php 900 for a sparkling afternoon.  (Prices are subject to service charge and applicable government charges.) For more information and reservations, do call Restaurant Reservations at 795 1840 or email dining.makati@raffles.com.

How wonderful that I was able to celebrate this lovely Marie Antoinette Royal Afternoon Tea at the Writer’s Bar of Raffles Makati on Mother’s Day with my 2 princesses. Motherhood is certainly made more fun with loving & thoughtful daughters who make it a point to shower me with plenty of love & affection not just on special days but every single day of the year. <3


Thank you Ate for letting me release my inner child & for letting me make lambing & act out whenever, wherever – all the things I never got to do growing up. For being my playmate & the grown up in our relationship. <3


Thank you for always taking care of me & loving me so so much. For always putting my needs ahead of yours. You grew up ahead of your time because you had to take care of me, and most willingly too. I appreciate all that you are & all that you do for me. You love me best.

Belated Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, loving, patient, indulgent, supportive, self-sacrificing mothers out there. You are to be celebrated not just once a year, but every single day. After all, of all the gifts that life has to offer, WE are the greatest of them all:-*

I’m such a fan of Reign. I hope Raffles Makati features Queen Mary next! <3

Mary, Queen of Scots (8 December 1542 – 8 February 1587), also known as Mary Stuart.

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    Lakas maka Donya ng outfit at necklace mo!😍 Good morning Mother Jane!

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      Magaling lang talaga akong magpanggap, lol. Goood morning dear erika!! :-*

      May 18, 2017 at 8:40 am
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    Belated Happy Mothers Day to one of the coolest moms I know :) Your kids are lucky to have you. ;-)

    May 18, 2017 at 8:16 am
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      Thank you for your sweetest compliments Mich. You never fail to make my heart happy. Mwah! :-*

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