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Young Love Sweet Love

My babyson will absolutely KILL me if he sees this hehe. But since he’s been neglecting poor old mommy, being so involved in his new found love life and all, I figured he owed me one. So he’d probably let this go! :P

Besides, I owe you a guest post from The Pickiest Eater, so I have to keep you amused for the day. I simply CAN’T not give you anything today after you’ve clicked that button to visit my site. I love & value you guys THAT much! ;)

So. On the morning of his 16th birthday last November 28, his special someone gave him quite a surprise! I must admit, even I got kilig..

She went to school extra early. A+ for Ay-fort! <3

A complete OOTD in those bags! ;) I caught a glimpse & saw a cap, short, & a shirt. #usiserangnanay

Post-its with messages. How sweet is that??? You do know, babyson, that it’s gonna be pretty hard to top this right? You better make me proud son!

And really. I don’t know what’s with the face.

Presenting the new Love Team! ;)

I got these photos from his friend Jesi who was also in on it (thank you for sharing!!). He’s probably gonna make her “unfriend” me on social media! AND make me retire from blogging -yet again! :P

Huhu. My babyson is all grown up. There’s no stopping this. And if you can’t stop them, join them, right? So yeah, I’m all aboard then! ;)

Besides, she IS GO-rgeous, don’t you think? Bagay! <3 And she’s really been making my binata so happy. Who am I to stand in the way of love?

Sigh.. young love sweet love. I miss those days! Boo.

No need to say it. I know you’re DELIRIOUSLY happy! :P

Wait! Since we’re all gossiping about this blooming romance already, I might as well upload this other picture of their birthdate hehehe.. Now I’m REALLY gonna get it! :P

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