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Trick or Treat! 2017

I love shopping at Amazon because it has the most complete merchandise & a wide array of halloween costumes. Plus, if I shop at off-peak season (like AFTER a holiday), the discount is just INCREDIBLE! <3

Last year right after halloween, I went online & purchased several plus size costumes for me. As you know, I super-kaduper love to dress up, so I really went crazy with the BUY NOW button. :P One of the costumes I was able to purchase at a discount was Maleficent.

If you don’t know who Maleficent is (talagaaa? have you been living under a rock??) she is a fictional character who appeared in Walt Disney Pictures’ 16th animated feature film Sleeping Beauty (1959). She is an evil fairy and the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” who, after not being invited to a christening, curses the infant Princess Aurora to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun sets on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday.

Anyhoo, I had my packages shipped via . Cost is $5.99/pound for air freight & $2.99/pound for sea freight. This already includes customs & delivery right at your doorstep. I used to ship through Johnny Air Cargo but there were so many hidden charges, plus, you have to pick up your items pa in Makati, so I changed loyalties.

Because this year proved busy for us with the debut, outreach, sunod-sunod na birthdays & all the kaganapans sa buhay, I wasn’t able to fully prepare for Halloween. Good thing I have these costumes stored in my closet, so I unearthed the unused Maleficent costume & just bought 4 black wings from a local store for my “crows” hehe. Voila, instant family theme! ;)

Hay, panira talaga itong 2 boys ko, Sinabi na gang kontrabida look eh. Out of character as usual sila Dumb & Dumber HAHAHAHAHA! :P

I have to say, this year wasn’t as exciting or as fab as last year’s. Mas magaganda ang decors nung isang taon. This year was meh lang. Although crowd control was at its best with our village guards implementing the strict by-invitation-only policy.

Strict ang mga Ateys at Koyas! ;P

Some (lower right frame) used the same old decors as last year’s like itong “Train from Busan” but without the train hehe. Then there’s also the Marawi *gasp* camp display (upper left quadrant). Buti nalang hindi sila binato ng itlog ng mga tao for their sick humor.

Some had cute displays which many kids appreciated & enjoyed.

But as always, best decor goes to the BAES clan for another winning display – Game of Thrones , at in character pa talaga ang buong pamilya. Grabe ang effort! <3 LAST YEAR if you remember, Star Wars naman ang pakulo nila.

These pictures do not belong to me. Credits to RONA BAES & team for the halloween photos of the Baes fam. <3

We had “leftover” SIP Purified Water from our outreach so that was our loot this year. ;)) It proved so useful because everyone benefits from water, right? Especially the halloween revelers on foot, sobrang laking tulong & the gesture was very much appreciated. Many thanks to our family friend CHARLES STEWART LEE for his generosity! <3

Take a SIP of pure water filtered through volcanic rocks. Refresh, replenish and re-energize your body the natural way with a bottle of Sip Purified Water!

Tamang-tama ang tubig to counteract the effects of all the sweets received & eaten along the way hehe!

Benefitting most were the security guards who stood all day long under the glaring sun & scorching heat directing traffic & keeping order. Thank you kind sirs for your dedication & service to Barangay Ayala Alabang! :-* Thank you again Charles & SIP PURIFIED WATER for your generosity!

I’m really so appreciative that my fam supports me fully -even though they have their own friends whom they can hang out with, they still choose to do the rounds with me year after year & do trick or treating as a family, no complaints whatsoever. Thank you my beloved GOppets for always giving in to my whims! <3

This really makes me happy and they know it. Sana huwag silang magsawa even in the years to come kahit may forever dates at pamilya na sila. We will need a stretch limo-golfcart na to shuttle us all. ;P

Half the fun of doing the rounds is we get to visit friends’ homes and get EXTRA special treats, lol. Like my favorite Ambray fam, may pa-donuts na (take note buong box ang natanggap namin), may pa-anda pa. ;))

Our home sweet home is always open to friends. And as a reward to my Babyson for doing the rounds with me while his friends went their own merry way, of course I prepared a simple dinner for them to enjoy after the stint. I love that they treat our home as their own, and our family as theirs too.

Kap also invited his staff & their families to do the rounds. He provided them with a service car to go around the village & enjoy the sights & decors. Then my sweet Bae prepared loot bags for the little kids, as in talagang pinaghandaan nya ng mabuti at ang daming pinamili. <3

Next year, I vow to be more prepared in terms of costumes. Do you have any suggestions for our family theme? :)

Disclaimer: Again, as bible-believing CHRISTians, we don’t celebrate the holiday, but we do celebrate EACH OTHER. And this is just another activity, like many others, that we like to do as a family who knows how to enjoy life & have fun. We know our boundaries & limits, and we firmly stick to our beliefs.


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