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No Tricks, only Treats 2016

Last year, we were away for the undas break so my Ursula costume had to remain at the back of my closet for another 12 months before it was finally put to good use. ;)) I was so happy to finally unearth it for this year’s trick or treating event!


UNDER THE SEA cast from L-R: King Triton, Prince Eric, Ariel, and the electrifyingly sexy eels Flotsam & Jetsam. And of course in the middle, me as Ursula in my one of a kind outfit. <3 The bottom half of my costume I bought from Amazon. But because it was sleeveless & form-fitting hehe, I sawed off the tentacled half & had it connected & sewn to a Criselda Lontoc blouse instead. Voila! ;) Thank you fam for always going along my craziness. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :-*


Back & front view of my super alalays fins! ;))


We were well-equipped. Candies- check, costumes – check! Even our household staff were very game to dress up as minions to give away candies while team GOppets made the rounds. They have been with us for 12 years so they know the drill by heart. ;)


It’s fun trick or treating in our village because a lot of the residents are really game, and they participate. This year, since he turned 18, my babyson doesn’t want to ride with his mommy anymore. But as a show of support, he & his village squad followed our sea-chariot around while playing “under the sea” music in the background. :)


Torn between staying home to give away candies, or going around making usi our neighborhood, the girls found the perfect solution. They gave candies as we went around. \m/ Brilliant! So we left half of our stash at home & carried the other half in our sea chariot. ;) Dinumog sila hehe so we made frequent stops on the road. Buti na lang maliit ang sasakyan namin, pwedeng ibalandra kahit saan. :P Good job, Daddy. :-*


Ate saw a classmate from arreneyer while my Lovey bumped into her tight little clique while we were making our rounds. They said a brief “HI” and we went our merry way. I really really appreciate that my girls always opt to go around with me instead of with their friends. They know how much I love cosplay & this time of the month, so they indulge me the best they can. Thank you so so much my darlings! <3 Special shout-out to our VIP guests, the Diesmos family! <3 Mae is Ate‘s fave teacher, soon to be babyson’s as well. We love you Mae, thank you for being an inspiration to my kids! :-*

In case you’re wondering where the supporting cast members had their costumes made..

Tailor Swift, Westgate Alabang

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TailorSwift2016/?fref=ts


TAILOR SWIFT to the rescue! ;) Fastest haberdashery in town by the same people who gave you Neil’s Kitchen. Now open to service you.. and mend your broken.. em.. HEM! Enjoy any of the following PUN-ny services: #LadyGaya = recreate existing pieces #JustInBeiber = new arrivals (hop for RTW clothes that Neil and Michelle purchase from their travels. Consigned items include spa products, travel essentials, and quirky stationery from friends.) #OscarDelaRental = gowns and dresses for rent (Coming soon!) . Tailor Swift is located at Westgate Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue, Muntinlupa. Alterations starts at ₱100. Made-to-order clothes start at ₱350.


“Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the suuuuuun.. Wanderin’ free – wish I could be part of that woooorld..”  So. Tailor Swift is not just for humans. It’s also for furbabies who want in on the action. Thanks to owner/managing partner Michelle Ramos who is mom to TEN fur babies, she’s open to kuh-razy ideas. Our dear Lelly absolutely LOVED her mermaid tail, teehee! :)



Our village has always been pro-active when it comes to decorating, more so during halloween. CLICK HERE TO SEE A #blastfromthepast VIDEO. Pagandahan at pabonggahan talaga ng display. But the past years have seen its decline since people from outside came in droves, stole, littered, and created havoc & chaos in our otherwise peaceful community. Plenty of households decided to either just go away for the holiday, or stay inside their homes & not participate anymore in the candy-giving. Naunsyami ba.

Every October nalang year after year, neighbors would pit against another in hot discussion over how we should celebrate trick or treating in Ayala Alabang. It has become a word war of sorts between pro-charity vs. pro-community. Residents are divided. Many clamored for exclusivity while the small majority wanted to let the neighbors from TS Cruz & similar subdivisions to come in & enjoy what the posh village has to offer.









I’m not ashamed to admit I was one of those who wanted exclusivity. Not that I’m anti-poor, far from it. But I believe there is a proper time & place for everything. Hindi naman sukatan ng charity at kawang-gawa ang pamimigay ng kendi. Pwede namang sa ibang paraan. You can’t imagine what goes down when we have “visitors” who don’t comply to the village rules & regulations. They shove, push & cut in on the well-behaved neighborhood kids who patiently wait in line. They come in droves -sometimes 20 or more in an open van with more adults than kids demanding for treats.

For them, costume means everyday outfits & plastic bags to hold the goodies. When you come to a “party”, arrive in theme naman, make a little effort. It doesn’t have to be an expensive costume, home-made is more than welcome. Just be in theme since you’re reaping some rewards once you get inside the gates. They also ring the doorbell of residents & feel so entitled to get their treats. Some even have the gall to take home halloween decors from private residences as souvenirs if they don’t get anything once the candies have run out. Ano naman yan? Mala-Hansel & Gretel? :P Basta nalang kukuha?














Every year it’s the same hullabaloo, but after all’s been said & done, we still all have a generally good time..

This year, and for the very first time, residents were encouraged to spiff up for halloween with the promise that we will have a somewhat exclusive celebration (for residents & guests only with gate pass/invite) and that our kids will have a safe & happy event. Our barangay even made decorating a challenge by sponsoring a contest. Meanwhile, a candy-giving activity was held simultaneously in ATC so our yearly guests from TS Cruz et al won’t feel completely left out.




Effort doesn’t even begin to describe this magnificent project! It’s AT-ST, guys!! From the Baes home in Santiago street, woohoo. Kap bumped into Ton in Home Depot a while back buying all the things necessary for this awesomeness! \m/ Everyone who saw it was highly impressed.


Ton in character. Every year he never fails to decorate their beautiful home. Simply FUN-tabulous!


Train to Alabang.. from Busan. Lol. Sakay na! Popular stopover along Madrigal. This is also such a winner! I’m glad they both tied for first place. Great job guys!


Giant pumpkin along San Juanico bags 2nd place..


Releasing the inner child in me while my kids stayed in the car one Sunday morning after I begged Kap to take a photo of me inside, hahaha! :P


and ties with another pumpkin decor in Makiling Street.


District winner – Batangas East.


District Winner – Saranggani Street.


District Winner – Country Club Drive.


District Winner – Siquijor Street.


This decor didn’t win but how timely. ;) Kubol ni JB, trololol! Where is De5???


GOT fans, anyone? When is it showing anyway? Hong Togol!

But I’m afraid change is slow to come to our Village. Same old same old, walang pagbabago unlike what was promised us this year. Same rowdy crowd. The guards couldn’t contain the wild droves of people, may mga nag-over the bakod pa just to get inside our gates. Scary shit if you ask me. What does it say if our own guards can’t even secure our village & control people from coming in? Halloween pa lang yan, eh papaano na kung apocalypse? Lol!


Reports of guards getting paid “under the table” to let outsiders in, and visitors climbing our fences drove the residents into a tizzy.

Really, it’s not about the haves & the have nots. It boils down to respect, IMHO. Respect for property & respect for the residents who take time to decorate, buy treats, and share with the visitors. Tati-tabi po, konting paggalang naman sana.

So as early as now, there’s already serious talks on how to address the next event. Hay naku another round of endless discussions & scathing remarks back & forth. Magpapasko pa namanAyaw kong makisali. My neighbors are scary AF! @_@

Bahala na si Batman. Basta ako, ang problema ko lang.. ano naman kaya ang costume namin next year??? Life is simple, let’s not make it so complicated. Am I right? or am I right? :P


From Shrek & the land of Far, Far Away (2010), to a Deck of Heart Cards (2011), to Snow White (2012), to #GOppets Walking Dead (2013), to Sims (2014), and finally to this year’s Under the Sea theme, ano na kaya ang susunod? Any suggestions for our family costume next year please???

Over & out. Sa susunod na uling kwento. ;)

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