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Life is Full of Surprises

I really take pleasure in surprising my kids. Kaka-surprise ko sa kanila, naubos na ang mga pakulo ko sa buhay. For Ate‘s 18th birthday I surprised her in school. Of course, because I try to be fair with all 3 kids, kailangan may paandar din ako for my Bae’s 18th para walang inggitan over who’s the favorite, lol! ;)

When you’ve been a mother to 3 kids for as long as I have, ang hiiiirap na magisip ng surpresa, ubos na yung magic balon ko of ideas. I kept wracking my brain on how I can spring a birthday surprise on my bunso when it suddenly hit me, a mascot! I did a Minion surprise for my Babyson’s promposal a while back, I’m sure I can pull it off one more time. Magkaibang okasyon naman, saka magkaibang character.

With my plan in place, I immediately contacted Robert Esquillo of Splurge in Memories. For your mascot needs, you may call him at 0917-8070852. We settled on Woody. Perfect gentleman escort for my single Neni hehe. I was able to rent him for 5k (30 minutes)

My accomplices, her ninang Mae who made sure the celebrant stayed in class until everything was in order. And of course my Kuya & his wife Lolit who ran the rounds with me leading to the surprise.

I was also in close contact with her friend Pat who updated me of their whereabouts. We got there in the nick of time just as they were released from lab. Whew, close call! @_@

I’m happy her whole class was so game to take a group picture for posterity. Thank you ladies & gentlemen for your cooperation! :-*

Success! \m/ One nice thing about my Bae is she takes pleasure even in simplest of things. Ang bilis yang pasayahin.

Out of the many gifts that she received, this heartfelt greeting card made with love is one of her favorites. <3

Just like her Ate, my Bae found a solid group of friends who will be her constants for the next 4 years. In a sea of people, I am so happy that God answered my prayers & they found each other.

It took a week for my shy Neni to find people she felt comfortable hanging out with. I’m glad she found her clique who share her interests & timpla. But I’m also thankful that in spite of different groupings, her whole class gets along nicely. She is friends with everyone, and I hope it stays that way. No dramas whatsoever na pampagulo ng buhay at samahan. <3

Really & truly -and not just because I’m her mother, our Neni is so easy to love. In fact, friends she made in less than 2 months also gave her a surprise in class the next day. If that doesn’t say how charming she is, I don’t know what does. ;) She must take after her momma, lol.

I always remind her to make new friends but also keep the old. And true enough, even though already going to different colleges, she was not forgotten by her besties. They too came to our home bearing gifts & warm greetings.

Childhood besties, friends for life. <3

Missing 1 BFF who was at work at the time of the surprise asalto. Yes, you read it right. 2 of her besties work part time while studying. Not that they have to, mind you. But because they WANT to. <3 These are good girls with good heads on their shoulders. No feelings of entitlement whatsoever.

But she finally caught up! Better late than never. ;)

I hope you enjoyed your surprise Bae. I will never get tired of making you smile. I love you! :-*

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    Hands down, the coolest mom I know of! Your kids are so lucky to have you. Best of the Holidays!

    December 5, 2017 at 12:59 am
    • Reply Jane Go

      Happy childhood memories, that’s what I want to leave them. :) Thank you Maria, I’ve missed you!

      December 5, 2017 at 6:29 am

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