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Secret Secret.. I’ve got a Secret!

It’s SO hard to keep secrets from my family. They are a bunch of snoops & busybodies. On top of that, they all have access to my celphone, my email, my facebook. Oh-em-gee! What is a girl to do?!?

Today is Ate’s actual 18th birthday. No way is today going to be a regular day for my firstborn. Days ago, I already cooked up various plans.. plans which the busybody, snoopy people around me set out to unintentionally destroy, BOO! :P

Last night as we were having dinner with my mom, she casually blurted out something that caused me to blink several times as if I was being electrocuted by a million wattage -warning her not to go further:

Mom: Nagpabili ka daw ng petals k OIC? (short for officer-in-charge of security hehe)
Me: blink-blink-BLINK!!! mega frown.. side glance to ate.. back to furious blinking. Shaking my head like I was possesed!
Mom: (getting my message) Yung petals na pinatatahi mo sa blouse mo? (trying without succeeding to cover her blooper!)
Me: Ah hinde mommy. Kay Cathy (the mananahi) ko yun pinagagawa. Hindi k OIC. Sa kanya ko lang pinadala. I reply nonchalantly. Hoping I sounded convincing enough.

The petals that caused me so much stress! @_@

I stole a glance at Ate. I know she knows I’m up to something. Drat! I let it pass hoping she still hasn’t got a clue. You see, the plan she knew was, we will just meet up for dinner since all 3 kids had school. Even my Lovey didn’t know of my surprise coz I really wanted to succeed on my TOP SECRET, so I didn’t tell ANYONE! :P

After dinner, Cecille (my mom’s helper) comes in my mom’s room where we all normally hang out after dinner.. “Ma’am, saan daw po ilagay yung flowers na pinabili ninyo tinatanong po ni OIC?” With OIC right behind her even though he’s been told it was SUPPOSED to be a secret!!!

Oh-em-gee! Is nothing sacred?! Do they NOT KNOW what a friggin’ SECRET means??? @_@

I quickly went out the room pulling Cecile with me. I dealt with the problem & shooed both of them away. These people will be the death of me yet!

We got home safely after a stressful time at my mom’s. As I was in the shower, I heard the girls talking (when they were supposed to be sleeping!). A delivery was made. A friend brought over a bow which was supposedly for the lechon for ate’s surprise picnic in school. Then my celphone beeps & Ate reads it.. “Mo-om.. tita Reg said she delivered the bow na!”

I ran to the door almost slipping & knocking my head on the counter. Geez! Will the night of terror never end?? “K never mind GO TO SLEEP NA!” I say.

If only Ate allowed me to take her out on a date today, life would have been SO much simpler & easier for me. Sigh. But NO.. she has to be the good student who doesn’t want to miss class even though it’s just the 2nd day of the semester!

So at 8 a.m. today, armed with her 18 balloons, rose petals to spell out HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, table & chairs for a birthday picnic, chilled drinks, and 2 boxes of J. Co donuts for dessert. I set off to go buy her favorite food, then go to her school -to show ate just how special she is to me & how much her coming into this world means to me.

Laging handa. I must’ve been a girl scout in my former life hehe.

And whad’ya know? she texts me at 8:30 a.m. saying the teacher let them off early since it was the first day of their class, and she has a 4 hour break. @_@ What’s more, she’s planning to go on lakwatcha mode with her friends. Boohoohoo! All my plans down the shitty drain. :'((

Stress sa chest! @_@

Good thing I collaborated with her friends, so they sequestered her in the library until I was able to get there, lay the petals properly, & arrange a pathway for her to follow from the library. (Thank you RAMY for your invaluable help! :-*)

Ramy met me & helped me, thank goodness! :) It’s hard for an elderly to stoop down you know! :P

Yay! <3 My surprised birthday girl!! :)

With the accomplices hehe! Thank you so much, guys! :-*

The girl that occupies a BIG CHUNK of my heart! <3

All’s well that end’s well. :) Instead of buying her gazillion favorite food & giving her a surprise picnic, I just took the whole gang out for brunch & of course a jeje side trip. What is an 18th birthday without doing something crazy right? YOLO! ;P

In the car, feeding them the latest J.Co DONUT craze! Coz Kitty said she wanted to try it haha. <3

We had a “side trip”. They are considered the “sosi” group in their class, so I brought them to LUNETA hehe for a YOLO moment! ;

I wanted them to ride the carabao, but it was cordoned off, too bad! :( Next best thing? JUMP SHOTS!!! m/

And I made them lie down.. in their pristine white uni too, lol!

And.. this program is brought to you by the number.. 18!! They are so cooperative. ;P

Of course, the jeje pose like no other.

Hindi pwedeng palampasin si Rizal. Pag may kalabaw, may Rizal din dapat!

More jump shots! ;)

And brunch at Aristocrat.. it was the only restaurant open at 10 a.m.! :P

Forever friends. <3

Yay! Bent finally caught up with us! <3

All time favorites! <3


The gang’s all here!

FREE MECHADO for every 3k for citibank cardholders. Thank you Aristocrat & Citibank! :_*

Of course we will still push through with the “smokescreen” dinner plans tonight with the family..

Next year, Ate. Mag-date nalang tayo k. Please lang! I’m too old for this. Happy 18th birthday! Action speaks louder than words, so I guess you already know how very fond of you I am! :-*

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