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#GOlobe30tting Day 22 Zurich, Switzerland

Day 22 – Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is said to be the happiest country on the planet according to the 2015 World Happiness Report -a survey which reveals the global ranking of happiness in 158 nations. So just what is making everyone so happy in Switzerland? Click HERE to find out!

Kap initially wanted to scratch out Switzerland as well from our pre-agreed & pre-arranged list of places in Europe to visit because the 3-hour plane ticket going there was just too expensive. 50k php worth of airfare for the 4 of us, ONE WAY! Hindi sulit for just a 2-day sojourn. But after finding out that it is THE happiness capital, I gave a firm NO. No cancellations of any sort allowed. Tutuloy kami! :P Type ko maki-happy noh!

Super early day for the GOppets (-1) as we caught a 3-hour plane ride for Switzerland.


Left our apartment at 4 am for a 1-hour drive to the airport. Ayan, naghihihilik pa nga sila sa kotse! Pagoda Cold Wave lotion! ;))


Thinking since it was SUMMER in UK & the rest of Europe, I packed all things light. Mostly dresses para kako presko at mahangin sa may southern region. :P Akalain ko bang ang summer sa kanila eh winter na para sa akin! @_@ Found jeans from an Indian merchant last minute, pinatulan ko na kahit mukhang losyang at Jai Ho ako. Kesa ginawin.


Thankfully my uncle offered to drop us off at the airport at such an ungodly hour. Sobrang perwisyo talaga kami sa buhay nya, lol. As expected, the plane ride was so uncomfortable, just look, siksikan kami parang sardinas. Panay na ang sulyap sa akin ni Kap, sabay iling. :P #itoldyouso


There are many ways of getting around Switzerland. The red is a train which we took to go to the cable car, and the blue is a tram which we rode to go to the train station. Ang daming sakay!

I have to admit, we may have bitten way more than we could chew for the rest of the trip. We have 8 more days chocful of activities with no empty hands to spare. Tig-2 maleta na kami, I don’t know how we’ll manage a total of 3 plane & 4 train rides before our final destination – Philippines. Hindi ko talaga alam paano ang gagawin namin. Bahala na si Batman, lol.

Airports are much easier because there are walkators & we get to check in our baggages, leaving us with just the hand carries (which are still heavy & aplenty btw). Train stations (our main transportation going around Italy) will prove more challenging as we have to keep luggages with us at all times. PLUS there is the matter of going up & down the stairs repeatedly in order to get to your platform. Hong bigat! Almoranas galoras!

This is one hecka (mis)adventure I would never forget so easily hehe.

Touchdown Switzerland!

July 12-July 13, 2016 | Swiss Star Hotel, Longstreet. Langstrasse 213,5. Gewerbeschule – Escher Wyss, 8005 Zurich Switzerland

2 nights total ₱ 19,313
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.19.37 PM

Because of the delay, we have less than one & a half the day to spend before we proceed to our next destination. Gotta make the most out of it. Ang kaso mo, umuulan ahuhuhu. Mr. Rain please naman cooperate. Lotsa things to do & see! \m/ Lagot ako kay Kap pag walang nangyari at nagpumilit akong pumunta dito! :'(


Series of unfortunate events: 1.) plane got delayed, leaving us even less time to spend in Switzerland 2.) Vent in 1 room was not working so we all had to share the other room. Tight squeeze! 3) My baon water spilled in my bag, everything inside got wet. 4.) Kap bought a 6-pack water.. sparkling, not still. Walang nakinabang 5.) Went down the tram one stop ahead of our destination –kadilakad! 6.) The rain kept pouring non-stop. 7.) Ang lakas ng amoy ng Indian food downstairs. Gah! @_@ I need a break, I need a kitkat!


No available airbnb in Switzerland so Ate booked us in a 3-star hotel. The bigger room’s ventilation worked fine, the smaller one however, had a broken vent. The windows were fixed so we couldn’t open it & didn’t have air. All other rooms were occupied so we had to all share the one room, no refund. :| The location is great, super near the tram stop. But I really wouldn’t recommend the place.


And our bad luck continues. Because our luggages were in the point of exploding, the lock malfunctioned. It took Kap some time to get one maleta in particular to open! So more delay na naman hehe.


All the stress got us running to the nearest chinese resto at the train station for a super late lunch before going up the alps.

Then we stopped to pray. My heart wasn’t in the right frame this morning when Kap asked me to lead our safety prayer kasi nga antok pa ako at wala ako sa mood. That’s why our day wasn’t going smoothly. We immediately formed a circle & prayed, then in faith, our day got considerably better. #blessup

Kap found kiddie ponchos (fit us though) which kept us from getting drenched. The fog lifted & we were were able to see the view from the peak. Found a yummy fondue place along the trail at the peak & enjoyed a true-blue swiss meal. The rain stopped momentarily, the fog cleared, and we were able to witness the breathtaking Niederdof view. Also enjoyed a leisurely downhill walk back to our train. And last but the most important highlight of my day, Ate called! Woohoo!! I was able hear her voice & we got to talk a bit while in the resto -we got to have a meal together thru viber! <3


It was raining non-stop but Kap was able to find & buy ponchos for us to keep us dry! <3 That the kids are such cowboys is a big blessing indeed, walang reklamo. <3


As you can see, our trek to the top was useless. We paid around 1k php/person for a Felsenegg Cable Car Ride so I was getting very nervous. Lagot na talaga ako kay Kap! #palosapwet


God was guiding us though as the kids found this red house that served a pretty mean fondue! Wala mang sightseeing na kaganapan, at least may Fondue experience man lang bago bumaba. ;)


Kap must have known I was nervous, he was so kind & gentle with me. Hindi ako pinandilatan hehe. Ayan, inaalagaan pa nga ako kasi nabasa ako sa ulan at pawis. His back was also wet but he gave me his hanky & placed it at my back to shield me from my wet shirt. My hero! <3


Must try: SWISS FONDUE. Fondue is a Swiss, Italian, and French dish of melted cheese served in a pot over a chafing stand heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion) in the 1930s, and was popularized in North America in the 1960s.


Highlight of my day, Ate called us & we got to have a meal together while talking. :'( I have missed her so. </3


As we were about to leave, the sky miraculously cleared & the rain stopped! Pwede nang hubarin si polka-dot poncho at mag-peechur-peechur. Thank you God! <3 We had a leisurely walk sans the rain.


And we were able to look below & see a glimpse of Niederdorf, which is part of Zurich’s old town. The locals fondly refer to it as “Dörfli”, meaning the entire Niederdorf and Oberdorf area that extends as far as Bellevue. During the day, the pedestrian zone and many stores, which are almost hidden in alleyways, entice you to shop. In the evening, Niederdorf changes into a nightlife district for a very varied public with its bars and street artists. Niederdorf offers interesting sights, culinary delights and shopping in Zurich’s old town.


Nasulit ang binayad namin sa cable car, yaaaay! The view was simply breathtaking! <3


Felsenegg cable car is part of Zurich’s aggoloerative public transport & climbs a height of 805m. Descended with happy hearts. ;) yes, I <3 you Switzerland! :)

In the end, all things truly work for the good of those who seek God. Thank you so much Lord for a productive day! Bukas po sana uli. ;)


Hoping tomorrow is a better day. :) In God we trust.

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