Oh yesssss. I was feeling WICKED last night! (insert evil guffaw here) ;P

Wicked Kitchen, reportedly run by the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), is the new eatery that took over half the space of Frutti Froyo in Filinvest Drive (they share a cash register). It’s main branch is in Quezon City, so I was really glad we didn’t have to go THAT far to SIN! ;)

Yes. SIN! Because I so wanted to try ALL their desserts named: Pride, Gluttony (my all-time favorite), Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, and last but not the least (also my 2nd favorite sin!) -Sloth.  All named after the 7 deadly sins. How deliciously WONDERFUL! ;)

For a complete list of their menu, click HERE.

So in between our SKIN STATION appointment & our JACKIE CHAN movie date with the superfriends, we decided to have dinner at Wicked Kitchen which was conveniently located across Alabang Town Center.

I understand that 4 families are probably too much to handle, with 3 alpha moms watching & hovering (pasalamat sila my sakit pa yung Alpha & Omega namin!) talagang nakaka-stress even with the most seasoned servers haha. But really, the service we got was beyond bad. </3 The waiting time was far too long, the servers were probably new & didn’t know how to control the food delivery (they kept getting confused as to which family was getting what). And whenever we asked the “feeling head of corporate relations” for a follow-up, she was short-tempered & raised her voice at us -the CUSTOMERS.
The food really wasn’t that great to begin with. Steady lang, nothing to rave about. If you’re not too picky with your food & you have some time to spare, ok sya. But take out the fancy names of the dessert, you’ll have a plain old fast slow-food chain. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.
What we had..
Firestarters 185.00
Buffalo Tenders 195.00
Wicked Wings 209.00
Appetizer Sampler
Pick 3 apps to satisfy that craving!
(Cheese Sticks Onion Rings Drunk Calamari Chicken Kebab Buffalo Tenders)
It’s really hard to feed an army this big haha..
Asian Chicken Salad168.00

Spicy Pesto and Chicken 153.00
The Ex’s Lasagna 196.00

My babyson had this. He doesn’t normally complain & shoves food into his mouth as fast as he can LELs, but he said this was so tasteless.
As in WALANG LASA. And I think this was supposed to be one of their highly recommended dish.

Wicked Burger 195.00
Beef and Beer Pie 209.00
Crab Omelette 148.00
I honestly don’t know what this is. 
Braised Lamb 338.00
Chicken Teriyaki 149.00
Crunchy Bagoong Rice 152.00

This was my order. The taste was ok. But because they were aiming for affordable, the pork was all fats & teeny tiny. Pang-estudyante meal lang talaga.
They just glorified it with the plating & herbs to make it look appealing.

Beef Salpicao 187.00

Oh-em-gee. Superalative ang alat! :((
We had to send it back to the kitchen & cancel ALL our salpicao orders. 

Mongolian Rice 175.00
In fairness, the prices were really affordable. I mean come on now, what should we expect with budget meals? Sayang lang because they could have made a killing with their meals considering their foodie background.
The desserts were ok though, maybe I wouldn’t mind going back for these..
Greed 168.00
Wrath 138.00 
Sloth 168.00
Single 145.00 To Share 295.00

Oh well, you get what you pay for. We’ll just notch it up to another lesson learned. What’s important is we were all able to spend time together. It’s never boring with the superfriends! ;)

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