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Welcome: My little Growling Tiger Cub

Many of you who have been following me for quite some time now (or those who have back-read my entries) know that I pulled out my Bae from her traditional high school in order to home study so she can skip the K-12 program. Transferring schools mean shaving a year from high school (fast-tracking 3 years into 2 by advanced work & self-studying), and she can go to college in the timeframe we planned. Right now, we are back on track & I’m happy with my decision.

I was 16 when I graduated high school, 20 when I graduated College. My kids already have 2 extra years of school because of Prep + Grade 7. I am not willing for them to stay another extra year just because every time the government changes leadership, the educational system gets whacked & reinvented. Whatever the reason is for another year, I will never comprehend. Maybe it’s applicable in public school since many opt to work right after their secondary education & they need the IB courses. But for students in private schools -most of who are already given 2 extra years, I really see no sense since most continue on to higher learning.

Besides, since 2 (maybe 3, let’s see) of my kids are taking Med, it’s already an extra 4 years of school & then some. Uugod-ugod na kami ni Kap nagaaral pa ran sila at nag papa-tuition pa rin kami, anubah. When will I get pa my ROI hehe. NKKLK, ayoko na.

Kap was against it at first because between the 2 of us, he is the old-fashioned one & resistant to any change. Ano ba yang home-school na yan, was his never-ending question every time the issue comes up. May matututunan ba and anak natin diyan? Baka iskul-bukol lang and mangyari. Secretly, I also had my fears. Although our Bae has good study ethics, this home school & self-pacing was a completely new territory for us. Pag pumalpak, lagot ako. Baka imbes na maka-graduate at 18 eh madagdagan pa ng ilang taon.

So for 2 years I was holding my breath & kept praying that I made the right decision. It was only around 2 weeks ago that I was finally able to breathe a big sigh of relief when my Bae got all her high school credentials from her American distance school & her local university of choice accepted all her documents, no questions asked.

Until she got hold of all her school records, and until she was accepted into a Uni, I wasn’t 100% sure about home-schooling since my Bae followed an American curriculum. Now I can finally breathe in relief, whew!

O Honey, legit naman pala! :P Okay, alright na! :P

On the last week of April, we were officially enrolled & my Bae was finally a #GrowlingTiger , thank God! Makakahinga na aka ng maluwag.

Welcome to the yellow life, Bae. ;)


Hmmmnnnn. Yellow purse. Coincidence ba Bae? O sinasadya ng tadhana? ;P

So thankful for our fave faculty, Ms. MAE DIESMOS who is like a second mother to my children. From Ate, to Kuya, and now also to my bunso. She loves us so. <3

Only 1 day was delegated for my Bae’s course, so it was a mega frantic day. So thankful to our guardian angel who stayed with us throughout the process. Bae & her mama Mae. <3 I leave her in your able hands ha Mae, ikaw na ang bahala sa kanya away from home please? Huwag mo palulusutin ang mga boys hahahahaha! ;P

How I wish that instead of adding years, they would actually remove the unneeded subjects for the course like the basic English, Math, Filipino & PE which they’ve already studied for over a decade in primary & secondary school, and just concentrate on the more important, specialized subject related to the course. That would certainly shave off years & they can actually get to work immediately & start their life. Hay.




To be honest, UST wasn’t her first choice, although it was really mine due to logistics -plus with her brother being there, puwede silang magsabay. Ateneo is so far & the traffic situation is really bad. Everyone I know from the South who has a child studying there tells me the same. Either mag-condo or mag-dorm daw, so it was not an ideal situation for me. But since my Bae wanted Blue, I had to give my full support at magtiwala nalang kay Batman.

The Lord works in mysterious ways & changed my Bae’s heart & condition of the mind. She has now come to accept & love USTe as her home away from home. Kaya ngayon, ibang kalbaryo na naman ang pagdaraanan ko. 4 years again of bated breath hoping everything turns out okay for her, kung hindi, lagot ako! #AMomsLife

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