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Starbucks Bearistas & Little Girls

My Lovey is a frequent Starbucks (decaf) frappucino drinker & has been collecting Starbucks Bearistas for the past 3 years now. Every time we would go to Starbucks & they have a new teddy bear, we would always get one. No miss. So when she found out that the January 2012 limited edition Chinese New Year Bearista was out of stock after just being out less than a day, she was understandably heartbroken! :(

Upon inquiry & a shout out to the nearby branches, we found out that only 4 are given per branch. And the baristas almost always grabs the limited pieces before they even hit the racks.

My baby was a good sport about it, but me being me, I wanted to make her happy. So I tried my friends who might have contacts! Fortunately, my good friend Joy got it on the first try! (Thank you so much Joy!) She was able to trace one to SM fairview -which is like baguio to me. @_@ So I called the number Joy provided & begged for the precious bear to be sent to the branch nearest me.

And finally, after more than a week, it finally came yesterday!!! <3

starbucks-bear- bearista-05

Showered as soon as they called me & rushed to get the bear lest anyone else buys it ahead! ;))


starbucks-bear- bearista-04

This is my Lovey’s growing collection of limited edition Starbucks Bearista pieces…
starbucks-bear- bearista-03

She was able to get the year of the rabbit & year of the tiger collectibles. So this year of the dragon is also very special! <3

As her collection is growing, I decided to do something about the amassing pile in her room as well! ;P Went to True Value & bought this..

Got an 8-foot white plastic rope to tie her bears onto. Single line please, dear bears! ;P


starbucks-bear- bearista-02

Tada! She can still get her bears with ease. I just tied them onto the rope with a satin ribbon from National Book Store. My baby super loves bears!!! See the HUGE pink one that occupies her ONLY lounging chair? ;P

I’ve been keeping this ploy a secret ever since I got the number from Joy. First, I wasn’t sure of they would reserve it OR even send it to me. So I didn’t want my baby to be doubly disappointed. So when she came home from school yesterday, she was pleasantly surprised. Yay! <3

starbucks-bear- bearista-01

I’m so glad my baby was happy with her surprise! <3

Thank you so so SO much, Joy. We super kaduper LOVE you! :-* And starbucks, please make more bears! <3

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