Salon de Ning

Finally, we have made a decision!!! m/ Salon De Ning it is for ate‘s debut. She only has a limited time frame of 7-10 pm for her program before they open it to the public, but ate‘s heart is really set on celebrating her birthday there (she’s simply not the regular ballroom type of debutant!) even though she has to share the space after 10! :P And I could see why…

To book the entire place it takes 235k consumable…
a lot higher than our original budget, but you only celebrate your debut once…
But at least we save on decor & dj/music. So okay na rin. Anything for my princess, <3
2nd half of the Zepelin Room. The 1st is the one above this picture.
The Boxing Room, also divided into 2 areas to accommodate more people.
Our favorite.. The Shoe Room also divided into 2 parts.
27k+++ (SC-10%, ET-18%, Bev-3%) to book this room on a regular night.
The 3 other bigger rooms are 35k+++ each! @_@ Consumable food & drinks.
Good thing the food & beverage manager gave it to us for free last night for our sampling! :)

The Shanghai Room
We just love the shoe chandelier above us!!! <3
And also this, on the other side! <3

Here’s her dad looking (worriedly) at the cocktail menu that we will choose to serve for ate‘s event. The prices are exorbitant (starts at 280+++/drink) so we have agreed to set a 3-drink limit for each for her teen guests, and some pica-pica for sharing. We have to be careful not to go beyond our consumable!!! ;P

We had complimentary tasting of the top 5 cocktails we want to be served…

Ning Sling (Belvedere pomeraneza, lychee liquer, passion fruit puree, orange juice) which we all loved! m/
Size 9-1/2 (Rum, watermelon juice, mint leaves, lime) which we all hated! ;))
Champion (mango-infused rum, mango, pomegranate juice, mint leaves, lime & sugar)
The Moviestar (popcorn-infused belvedere vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup)
The Shanghai Express (Gin, martini extra dry, lychee syrup, lime juice, sugar syrup) 
Italian Stiletto to replace the watermelon cocktail
(Belvedere vodka, tia maria, amaretto, sugar syrup, espresso)
Ate likes the name, but her friends might not like it because of the strong coffee taste.
And a gummy bear-infused special mixed drink aptly named..
Ready, Get set, Jana Go!
in honor of the celebrant. How cool is that! <3
In as much as we want to feed our guests & make them happy, SDN does not allow buffet in their area, so it will all be cocktail menu. I hope our guests come fully stocked hahaha! ;P Here are some of our choices…
Unlimited chips & nuts
Panko Crumbed Pork Adobo 280+++
(Braised & shredded pork adobo in japanese bread crumbs,
lightly deep fried & served with tamarind & mango chutney.
This. Is. So. Good. m/
Crisp Fried Calamares 320+++
(tartar sauce & lemon wedges)
Cajun Fried Potato Wedges 280+++
(with creme fraiche, guacamole & tomato salsa)

Only into our 2nd drink, ate & I were already tipsy, haha! Their liquor mix is really strong so 3 drinks each per guest is sufficient I think. We don’t want them rowdy & breaking things in SDN! :P

One thing that got ate sooo happy & excited last night was her ninang Marina’s promise to gift her any shoe brand of her choice as her 18 Treasures gift to Jana! :) So as early as now, ate is ogling pricey Stella Luna shoes in Adora, hahaha!!! ;P

I’m happy that you’re happy, ate! :) I hope that I can make all your dreams & wishes for your debut come true. I love you so!!! :-*

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