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My babyson went on a compulsory 3-day school retreat a couple of weeks ago. Syempre, his drama llama mama nag-emote na naman. I tried every trick in the book to make him stay pero wala nang effect. Before, all it took was a playstation or a new game to get him to call in sick. Yes, I’m a shameless briber #sorryimnotsorry But at 16, he already has a mind of his own. Lowbatt na ang remote control ko! @_@ Ubos na ang Darna powers ko!


Looks like he can’t wait to get away from my clingy crutches doesn’t it? Nahhh.. I’m sure his heart was also breaking at the thought of leaving me for 3 whole days! :P

I really don’t see why parents can’t contact their own kids for 3 whole days! Not even a text message confirming that they have arrived safely in their hidden destination! What if there’s an emergency? All their cellphones were confiscated for “safe keeping” and it’s the longest I’ve gone without talking to my babyson. :'(

My kids, I have trained them well to update me every moment of every day because I’m a natural worrywart. I guess I love them too much. Even Ate, at age 20, knows not to worry me by texting me periodically of her whereabouts because she knows I panic when I don’t hear from her. Kung hindi, baka makita nalang nya bigla na may mga poster na pala ng mukha nyang naka-paskel sa pader ng Espana! Ever since she got hold of a cellphone at a young age, she has been good & constant about updating me. And I love her dearly for it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.46.15 AM

My baby girl also, when she’s out with friends, she’d tell me where they are eating, what they’re doing, where they’ll be going next. Kahit na kasama pa niya lagi si Yaya. It’s not that I don’t trust my kids coz I do. But times are different now. Things beyond our control happens.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.38.03 AM

The latest news up about town! Now tell me, how can I not worry? Sure, the kids are grown up, but still, evil is evil. It doesn’t choose an age. No one is safe from it. In this story, a little girl who was separated briefly from her parents in a mall was said to have foiled an abduction attempt by kidnappers. Her quick fail-proof reaction of going to a nearby stall and asking for a saleslady’s help just saved her!

Pero itong binata ko, DEADMA! @_@ Swerte na ako if he remembers to text me his whereabouts even if I nag him constantly. Ganyan yata talaga kapag lalaki. Pati pag-empake ayaw magpatulong. HMP!

After coming home, I bombarded him with questions. Unfortunately, my boy is a man of few words. Hindi ma-kwento! From “Once upon a Time”, segue to “The End” na. @_@ Buti nalang may Facebook! :P So I was able to get a sneak peek at what went on those 3 days. Hindi talaga sya mukhang happy diba???

The photos below DO NOT belong to me. Photo credits to Czarina Villanueva. Sorry for my mommah ninja skills talagang na-trace ko pa ito hija pasensya na! ;))

PicMonkey Collage2

Oh yes. Gwapong-gwapo talaga ako sa anak ko, pagbigyan. :P

PicMonkey Collage1

In spite of my heavy drama, I’m really glad that he had fun with his batch mates. This what what I wanted for him when I transferred him to a bigger school after all. I just have to learn to reign my emotions in & accept that my kids are growing up & preparing to leave the nest whether I like it or not.

Hay naku my babyson. Today, you turn 17. Shucks. The more unreachable you will become. I know I have to let you go sooner or later, but give a begging dog some scrap wont’cha? Magparamdam ka naman paminsan-minsan! I may not be the priority in your life now, but remember. I AM STILL YOUR MOM! Don’t let that 3 days & 3 nights of hard labor bringing you out into this world account for nothing! Happy birthday son. Love always, Nanay.


What is a Son? A Son in an explorer from his very early days. A finder of fun & adventure in most surprising ways. He’s a keeper of many treasures, a missed of many meals. A player of games -and a rider of many wheels. He’s a sharer of jokes & riddles, a teller of fabulous tales. A joiner of clubs & teams, and a collector of frogs & snails. Growing up, he’s a discoverer  of dreams that are strong & true. A Son is the hope of tomorrow, and you’re proud of him all life through.

My dearest babyson. As you turn 17, I pray that God will continue to give you the wisdom to know the difference between light & dark, good & bad, and the will and courage to act on what’s in your best interest. I know that at your age of self discovery & experimentation, it is so easy to get swayed into the the direction that is fun -which may not necessarily be good. But I’m hoping that how we brought you up will speak volumes in your heart, soul, and mind. You have such a long way to go baby. Don’t be too serious with life. What, and who, is here now in your life may not be what, and who, is in store for your future. So don’t limit yourself in a box & its 4 walls. Go live your life & your dreams without letting anyone or anything holding you back.  The world is such a big place. And you are still so very young. In spite of all my drama, be the man that God intends you to be. <3

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