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Even when I was a little girl, I already had a strong fascination with big, sparkly fine jewelry. Not the cheap, fancy ones mind you, but the ones bearing the 4C’s. My mom had a vast collection on nice ones in different colors, rhinestones, shapes & sizes. She never wore them though. Being a busy OB-Gyne, she couldn’t as she had to deliver babies & such. Takot pa sya sa hold-up. But once in a while we’d go over her treasure trove & I’d play with her jewelries. That was my happy place, the vault in her bank. :P


Once in a while, she’d give me a bling or two & I’d be so happy already with a simple gold chain or a narrow ring. I’d collect them and plan out my JOTD (jewelry of the day) to go with my boring high school uniform. By college, I had a small but decent collection. Not ostentatious, but just right to keep me happy. All my nice pieces are actually from my mom. I don’t buy, but only because I can’t afford. I would in a heartbeat if I could. The price has jacked up since, she was right -as always.


My sentiments exactly.

One of the things my mom taught me is that the price of jewelry appreciates over time. And, if you have to leave in a hurry or are running across the state like La Imelda, you can bring your jewelries with you & it can set you up for life in a new country. Unlike lots & homes or other properties/assets which can be frozen & takes long to sell, great pieces of jewelry concealed & carried with you can always find its way through a black market & sold at a good price.

So that has always been my benchmark. Instead of bags, instead of shoes, instead of cars which by the way all depreciate its value over time & use, ang alahas, konting linis lang, mukhang bago na uli. Value of Gold & Diamond is on the rise, walang talo.

Some investment pieces that’s worth every penny pinching & belt tightening in order to save up. Diamonds and (Pearls) after all, are a girl’s best friend! ;)

PicMonkey Collage1

It’s best to invest in classic pieces. Yung hindi maborloloy. Studs & solitaires are always nice. And remember that bigger is always better hehe. Get a solitaire piece instead of a ring or earring with small clusters of diamonds if possible. And the simpler the design, the better because the piece will be classic, never fadish or outdated.


PicMonkey Collage2

Along with diamonds, it is also always wise to invest in good pearls. I like my South Sea Pearls clean & simple. Studs & long strands. I can wear them with casual clothes, and on evenings out too. From day to night, it’s appropriate.


If you’re like me though & you want fun & colorful, one of a kind jewelry, then go for the semi-precious stones. May not be as good an investment, but hey, you deserve to be happy! ;)


PicMonkey Collage3

I have a fascination with big & chunky colorful estate pieces. It’s not for everybody though, so if you’re looking for investment & an easy sell, stick with the simpler & classic ones.

The other day, Kap & I were window-shopping in Greenbelt, konting lakad after a heavy Sunday brunch. I eyed something soooo very pretty in Gucci. Lumuwa na naman ang mata ko at nangati na naman ang mga palad ko. Lagot ka Kap. Kasalanan mo yan!



Such a lovely bracelet! <3 It goes so well with my aquamarine antique cocktail ring, don’t you think? ;) 89k. FTW!

Naku Kap. Sinasabi ko sayo. Panindigan mo yang pag-karay so sakin sa tindahan!

PS: Guys! The jewelries & the photos displayed above are NOT mine ha! They were taken off the net & collaged. How I wish sa akin, pero hindi po. :)

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