New Beginnings

My Lovey is just the cutest! When she got her school uniform last week, she begged, yes actually begged me, to take her to the mall in her uniform after I picked her up from school on her first day.

Artwork by callanta88

I laughed out loud! I suddenly realized that she never experienced having a uniform her whole life. So this was kind of a big deal for her. Of course I humored her.

Though it wasn’t exactly a mall, we had an early dinner at one of our favorite comfort joints, with my Lovey in her uniform, while we were waited for my babyson do his macho stuff at the gym.

First day was a complete shocker for them, especially my baby girl. They have never seen so many faces at one time in their entire lives. A sea of white & green, and they were lost in it. Their life made a sudden 180 degree turn. Admittedly, it will take a lot of getting used to. But I know my kids, they are resilient, they can do this. They just need to get used to a whole new environment & system. Then they will BLOOM! :)

Traffic was SOOOOO BAD!!! @_@
Bringing them to school & fetching them FROM school.
It was a hellish kind of morning (& afternoon). We were stuck for an hour in a one-way street.
Daig pa ang baha.
We finally wise-nd up today, their second day, and WALKED just so the kids won’t be late!
Oh well, exercise for me! :P

One of the things that shocked them is the lack of seating in the huge canteen due to a big volume of students eating at the same time. They were super excited to buy their lunch but the lines for each kiosk were really long so they ended up eating the cold lunch I sent them very early in the morning.

Whereas before they had a table waiting for them with no need to panic over claiming it as their own, now they have to actually fight for a table just to get a seat & eat. Or do it standing up, like what my babyson did.

Also, it was hard to look for their friends since everybody looked almost the same in their uniform. You have to be either super tall or super fat to be distinguished & set apart from the rest, lels.

Gaining friends for my babyson wasn’t so hard. He’s a boy. Fistbumps are ok & makes for solid friendships. And he saw a lot of his basketball teammates from the village who welcomed him with open arms. However, for my shy little girl, it will really take some time to get her warmed up & open up to gaining new friends. I’m really hoping that she will get a sudden burst of confidence so she can go up to her classmates & push herself in to be part of their crowd.

You wouldn’t think it now, but once upon a time I was also a shy & timid wallflower. I also didn’t make friends easily. It’s only with age & experience that my confidence came & I learned that if you’re nice to people, they will also be nice right back at ‘ya!
Baby girl. Forming friendship is like looking for your soulmate. I know it’s not easy. But keep smiling, keep shining. Pretty soon you’ll have more friends than you can count. Sometimes you don’t have to be the same to click. Opposite poles attract, look at me & dad. ;P So don’t disregard a potential friend just because you are different from each other. Who knows, you may turn out the best of friends before the year ends. What matters is a person’s heart & soul. If they have the right heart, chances are they are probably right for you as well because you have the BIGGEST heart, baby! <3 Give it a few days, a few weeks. Remember sweetheart, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to give, in order to take. Be a friend, so others will also be a friend in turn.
If all else fails, always remember that YOU HAVE AN OPTION. You always had, and you always will. Mommy is just here for you. I will support you in all your decisions. Just make sure that you are making the right one for YOU.
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