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La Union Part 3


Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day, the little siblings want to play. It was to be expected, July after all, is the rainy season. Pero mapilit itong si Kap eh, lusob parin GOppets kaya ayan, inulan kami the 3 days we were in Elyu. Wala na ngang alon, panay pa ang ulan. Epic fail, lol.

But at least we got to have a fun 3-day food trip, which is actually my type of trip haha. The tables turned and directed it to my favor. ;P

Despite myself, I enjoyed the many cuisines offered at Elyu. Yes, it may be best known for its surf scene, but you also need to try all the awesome (and cheap) food!

I’ll try to incorporate the last 2 days here, so we can finally move on to other topics. I noticed you guys are not too keen on my travel diaries, teehee. Mamadaliin ko na. ;)

Day 2 Lunch: Seawadeeka

Manila North Road, San Fernando, La Union 0917 550 9966 ( open from 10:00AM – 1:30PM, 5:30PM – 10:00PM)

Seawadeeka is a teeny tiny eatery that seats 10 max & serves asian street food. if anything can make Kap happy, it’s definitely cheap eats. And sobrang pasok ito sa criteria ni Kap. Masarap sya actually -the pad thai (170/order) was really flavorful at madaming sahog, which was a pleasant surprise considering the price.

Seawadeeka operates out of the tiniest food truck, er trike. I guess it goes around at times, but its roots is planted here in this small square lot along the highway which is where we had our lunch on Day 2.


It’s some sorta cross-culture in Elyu with so many themed restos one beside the other. Hindi kami magugutom while away from home, that’s fo sho! Going Thai this time around.

The Thai iced tea was uber sweet but refreshing. I was parched from our short walk so this drink didn’t last very long. If not for the high sugar content, I would’ve asked for another glass as I was really feeling the heat & humidity.

Nasi goreng 100, Chicken satay (3 pcs) 150, Chicken banh mi 175, Shrimp pad thai (3 orders coz it’s sooo dang good!) 170, Fresh spring rolls 150, and all washed down with Thai iced tea 95.

I think this was my best meal at Elyu, no kidding! I heart Thai. <3 I heart pad thai even more.

After a short nap, and another romp at the beach, it was time to shower & hit the Elyu food scene once again for dinner.

Day 2 Dinner : Mad Monkeys

Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union +63 998 555 1990 (open from 10 am – 10 pm)

Mad Monkeys, a burger lab in the coastal town of San Juan La Union, is the collaboration between four enterprising individuals, (one of whom is smiley soul surfer Jeff Ortega) who each wanted to add a little flavor and a lot of taste to the local cuisine. This small street corner stall sells only one dish -burgers!

We like our burgers big & thick and Mad Monkeys did not disappoint. Another pleasant surprise since we were expecting small flat, tasteless burgers, seeing the place looked like a dilapidated barong-barong. It just proves once again that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. ;)

The resort we stayed in is super near a food strip that offered a variety of cuisines so the 3 days we were there, we ate our fill & just enjoyed being tourists.

In between the burger buns are one-inch thick and juicy 180g. burger patties laced with melted cheese and smothered in beer sauce. \m/

I always like to end my day with a nightcap. Some people can’t sleep if they drink coffee, me? I can take the caffeinated drink & fall asleep after 10 minutes.

The kids were planning to take me to the famous El Union Coffee house but as it was raining pretty hard & we had no umbrellas, we just ran across the street to The Coffee Library. Parang okay din naman & served pretty much the same drinks & dessert as the other one. So who copied who, lolz.

Day 2 Coffee & Dessert : The Coffee Library

Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union 0917 503 7962

The Coffee Library, one of the bigger joints (2 storeys) I’ve seen around Elyu, claims to offer authentic Vietnamese coffee -which of course I tried. I can’t support the claim though as I haven’t been to Vietnam hehe. Pag nakapunta na ako, at pag maalala ko pa ang lasa nito, sabihan ko kayo. ;)

The Coffee Library may sound familiar to you because its first store opened in Baguio City some years back.

I love how the kids are our barkadas, especially now that they are adults. Couldn’t ask for better company. <3

Enjoyed the smores & Vietnamese coffee. First time to try the Fried suman ala mode. I haven’t decided yet if I like it though. :P

The next day after a quick & final dip at the beach and prior to leaving for Baguio, we had lunch at River Farm Seafood Restaurant.

Day 3 Lunch : River Farm Seafood Restaurant

Km 282 Baroro, La Union, Bacnotan, 2515 Philippines +63 908 998 7132 (open from 9 am – 9 pm)

When away on a trip, we really make it a point to eat at unique places. River Farm Seafood Restaurant offers a floating cabaña & you can dine right on top of the water. The balsa in anchored so you don’t get to float along & sing “just around the river bend..” like Pocahontas, but still, something different.

Other than that, food is nothing special. Also, it takes a while for the food to be served, mukhang hinuhuli pa yata nila ang fish-da atbp kaya naaaaapaka-tagal ihain. :P

I gotta admit, the murky water & the smell from the river can be a little off-putting. But hey, adventure is adventure. ;P

I especially liked the kinilaw & pusit lumot. Also on the table: Pinakbet, seafood sisig & Pork BBQ. After 2 days of eating “exotic”, team GOppets were more than happy with the familiar lutong bahay.

it’s been great fam, thank you for putting up with me as always hehe. :-* ElYu (Love You!)

Because it’s really so hot & humid the 3 days we were in Elyu, Kap allowed me this small indulgence. Ice cream after every meal. If I could periodically douse myself with ice cold water, I would. That’s how hot it was from the singaw ng lupa after the rains.

And this, my friends, concludes our 3-day Elyu trip. Do bear with me for another travel series as I post about our Baguio adventure. My blog serves as my diary -something for me to look back on & reminisce time with the fam. Kaya kahit tamad na tamad na akong sumulat, at tamad na tamad na rin kayong magbasa, no can do haha.

Para sa ekonomiya! ;P

PS: CLICK HERE to read about other places you can dine in when in La Union. Too bad we didn’t get to go to these diners anymore. Next time nalang pag kinati uli si Kap my Kap.




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