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Double The Surprise!

I like nice surprises! <3 The other day, after coming home from a long, tiring errand, my girls excitedly came to the room & presented to me a box. Its not just any box, mind you, it’s a KYLIE box!

Now if you’re a vain person like me, you’ve probably heard of Kylie Jenner‘s make-up line, KYLIE COSMETICS. Which is super popular, super in-demand. Quite a catch in fact that when it first came out, only a handful could get their supply in very limited quantity!


Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 after the global launch of her wildly successful liquid lipstick + lip liner duo, the Kylie Lip Kit. After Kylie revealed the Kylie Lip Kit to the world, her fans wanted more. Kylie Cosmeticsnis Kylie Jenner’s new launchpad for sharing her best kept beauty secrets to her fans.

Of course I let that ship sail. I don’t like stressing myself over material things.. as much as possible haha. So I decided to let the hype die down thinking I’d get my hands on the precious lippies sooner or later.

Lo & behold! My gals became fast friends with 2 youngs ladies whom I call the SUPER TWINS! <3 “Super” coz double the love, double the blessings, and double the surprise! A couple of days ago, they sent over not one package but TWO, one after the other. And I’m just so so overwhelmed with their kindness, and generosity. So much LOVE for the GOppets gals! #blessup


Love letters straight from the heart. The best kind! <3


First package. What’s in the box: Kylie lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics in Koko K, Candy K, and Posie K! Yaaaay! Retails for $29 IF you can get your hands on them as they are always SOLD OUT! @_@


Second package. What’s in the box: Chanel La Fascinante lippie, super cute PeriPera Lip Tints in Bloody Kiss, TWO MORE Kylie lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics in Reign & the uber special birthday edition in Leo. Plus a Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow which I’m dying to try – coz I have no kilay so it’s mine, lol! ;))


Uber exclusive Birthday Edition in Leo (True Deep Burgundy) Matte Liquid Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25 ml) and Leo Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net .03 oz./ 1.0g), 1 Mini Matte Liquid Lipstick kit (6 X 0.02 fl oz./oz. liq / 0.65 ml), plus a Lord Metal Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.00ml). WOW!! <3

The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit is your secret weapon to create the perfect ‘Kylie Lip.’ Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner. This ultra-long wearing lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application.


Pouty lips, the shades are just purrfect. Lovett.

The Liquid Matte Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips like other brands I’ve tried, promise.


Adrielle & Adrianne, Our wonder twins who have given us twice the blessings with their love & thoughtfulness. <3


I’m not sure if they still have Kylie Lip Kits available or all have been sold out, (or if they are actually selling baka naman these are just for their personal consumption lol). It’s quite a lot! Which goes to prove that girls can never have enough makeup hahaha! ;)


Thank you for spreading such happiness, dearest Adrielle & Adrianne. I hope you will come visit us soon so we may return the favor. I promise I won’t cook haha. Mag-take out nalang ako para garantisadong hindi tayo malason! ;))

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