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Korea Day 9

The moment I wake up, before I put on my make-uuuup. Ay wait, kanta pala yun, lol. :)

Set our alarm early-ish on our last day so we can pack, pack, pack and timbang, timbang, timbang our maletas. :P Then it was off to a fast, last minute sweep of the city we’ve come to love before our 8 pm flight home. Parang ang sakit sa dibdib umuwi ha. :'(

Sadly, our GO-reanovela has come to an end after 9 super fun days. </3 Thank you for the memories Korea! For sure, major eating & shopping withdrawal kami paguwi.

No time to waste on our last day. We each got a quickie but filling Onigiri Rice Ball Seaweed Wrapper brekky from a vending machine at the underground Korail station. We just love nori! <3

Kasi naman, may masamang binabalak pala ang Giblings! The other night on our way back to the apartment, we passed by this MCM flagship store in Myeongdong. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, hehe) the store was already closed. Akala ko naman nakalusot na ako. Yun pala, today was the day that the kids planned to go back for some last minute shopping. @_@

MCM, which originally stood for Michael Cromer München, is a leather luxury goods brand founded by Michael Cromer and bought out by Sungjoo Group in 2005. The Sungjoo Group is a South Korean retail business founded by Sung-Joo Kim, the youngest daughter of South Korean magnate Kim Soo-keon. Kim then re-launched the brand in 2006 with a new store in Berlin and appointed German designer Michael Michalsky as MCM’s creative director. The company designs expensive leather suitcases and handbags which is popular for being ostentatious and flashy.

My Babyson was crushing on his Ate‘s white MCM backpack & wanted to get a similar one sana -but in brown, for school. Before you react, it’s really sturdy, lemme tell ya. \m/ Ate puts a lot of heavy stuff in her bag & so far it’s holding naman hehe.

Kaya lang, nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. Hindi nya type up close & personal, masyado daw maborloloy, daming logo. ;)) So, the 2 girls ended up having all the fun. @_@

Ate got a white punk rabbit bag charm (see above) for her school backpack, while our Neni got a baby version of her Ate‘s stark backpack in brown. What she’ll be able to put in that teeny tiny purse, I can only wonder.

“Free coffee, Mommy!” They excitedly exclaimed. Me: Aba eh dapat lang. Ang mahal ng mga borloloy nyo noh. Kulang pa nga yan? ;))

With our insatiable appetite, -and maybe also because of the stressful sound of kaching-kaching kada kaskas ng credit card, the rice ball we had for breakfast wasn’t enough to keep us energized. So we bought some waffles to tide us over until we get to my favorite stop of the day – LUNCH! :P

Waffles in Korea are a whole ‘nother world of awesome, I swear! The best, fastest, and most convenient snack you can eat while walking around & window shopping!

If there’s one thing I’ll sorely miss from our Korean adventure, it’s the food trip. Grabe, bawat kanto nalang may makakainan! The kids though, I’m 100% sure it’s the shopping. Pag uwi, good luck nalang kung papayagan pa sila ng Daddy nilang makabili ng kahit anong gamit, mwahaha. ;P

After satisfying their wandering souls, we finally headed off to lunch. Over time, we have really grown fond of Dally So & have made good friends with the staff, so we thought it but proper to have our last meal here. <3

The thing with KBBQ is the smoke really sticks to your clothing & hair. We didn’t wanna smell like barbecued meat on the plane so Kap had this brilliant idea of wearing a plastic “cap” over our heads. Kaya hala, balot. Pati is Birkin, walang lusot, trololol! ;))

The girls decide to throw their diet to the window on our last day & ordered TWO massive trays of meats galore for sharing! Who am I to argue? #busoglusog

It was on our 3rd & last time at Dally So that we discovered: May unli na, may free-for-all pa na NORI pala waaaaah!!! @_@ What I thought was babywipes, nori pala yun ahuhuhu. Snackage + puslit sa bag! And look at those ripe, juicy tomatoes. I had my fill of these red babies. Ang tamis!

Meals are always happy times with the GOppets. <3 May supot man sa ulo o wala. ;)) Our language of love is really eating! ;))

Alas, we had to head off to the airport in time for our flight, saka para may allowance din for tax rebate purposes. Madami-daming napamili so better safe & early than no rebate. Sayang! ;P

Our maletas multiplied over time. Nakuba is Kap kakaayos, napuno ang apartment!

9 days gallivanting around Korea had me covered head to toe with salonpas, kita nyo ba? No joke, pati paa at talampakan! ;)

Happy to report, there were no long queues over at the Tax Refund area. We were able to get our rebates quickly & efficiently. Maganda talaga ang sistema ng Korea. Remember in Europe we had such a tough time going back & forth counters at ang susungit ng mga staff? Dito walang ka-proble-problema. They didn’t even ask to see the goods. Yehey! \m/

Kaya naman SHOP PA MORE sa Duty Free! ;)) Para sa ikauunlad ng bayan ng Korea hehe. Premium items here cost around 20-30% less than what we can buy back home. Babyson had been eyeing this pair of Gucci shoes (Ace Tiger-embroidered sneaker, low cut) since Europe last year but was hesitant to get a pair coz of the price. I was able to persuade him to finally get one as a treat for his Dean’s List accomplishment. Pa-bonus ni Mommy. <3 Sakto pang #GrowlingTiger CLICK HERE to see more designs.

These Balenciaga Classic City bags were also on sale so I got my baby girl one in oxblood. Her Ate has been “borrowing” her small blue bag (kasi Ateneo color daw) so I said to just give that to her Ate & she can have solo use of this medium-sized one in her fave color. Bags after all, are a girl’s second best friend, right? ;P (Diamonds will ALWAYS be first!)

Eh syempre pa, hindi naman magpapahuli ang GO-rean princess. :P This here is a Race Runner leather, mesh, neoprene & suede sneaker by Balenciaga. Even when they were babies, if I buy for one, I buy for all. I really try to be fair. The items don’t need to be of the same value, but all-for-one & one-for-all ang aking standing motto para walang inggitan. <3

Because of the pleasantly unexpected short line at the rebate counter, we had plenty of time to kill at the airport. Takot na si Kap mag-ikot sa mga tindahan when he saw shopping bags quickly piling up, so he parked us at the court & stuffed our faces with food. Save for heading towards the restroom, pinagbawalan na kaming tumayo. MUCH safer zone daw ang kainan, mwahaha!

I took delight in the Persian counter. Parang I wanna go to India next! But Kap & the kids don’t want. Hindi daw sila mabubuhay dun. Hay, mga KJ!

Finally heading home with hearts & suitcases full. ;) We have missed our dearest Lelly, it’s time.

And our misadventures in Manila started as soon as we set foot outside the airport, wala man lang pahinga!

Lelly picked us up but she got so excited to see us that she barfed in the car. I’m telling you, the SMELL is beyond putrid, grabe. After wiping off her puke & settling in, trying to sit around it, the car battery chose the very moment that we were about to head off to conk out. Buti nalang a a taxi came to our rescue after a few minutes (to the tune of 500 pesos, pero di na bale basta’t maayos at makauwi lang kami ng matiwasay, hay). We finally moved after 30 minutes of hell in the car. The power windows are broken so we were all locked in -and WITH NO AIRCON kasi nga nagdiskarga yung battery huhu. Lelly then decided to fart. Hindi nagkasya na sumuka na nga sya, may pahabol pa talaga. The smell is indescribably horrid at this point in time. We were breathing through our mouths! Oh Manila, what a warm welcome indeed at 2 AM. Kap, IBENTA MO NA ITONG BULOK MONG SASAKYAN HA, PWEDE BA? @_@

I wanna hate her, I do. But look at that cutie-patootie face. Sige na nga Lelly, we forgive you! :-* Wag mo nang uulitin ha?!

Up next, our itinerary that Ate has so passionately searched & studied in her spare time. Coz sharing with you is caring. Thank you for living our adventure with us & finishing my super looong Korean series, guys. Appreciate you! :-*

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  • Reply Erika

    Shopping galore!! Pwede ba kita maging mommy para ipagshopping mo din ako? Haha! A friend asked me to buy her Gucci shoes in AU. 24k after tax refund, I wonder if mura sa Incheon airport? masaya na ko makapasok sa Gucci at maamoy yun shoes hehe!

    August 28, 2017 at 8:27 am
    • Reply Jane Go

      Mas mura yang 24k na nahanap mo, buy na ng 1 dosena hahaha. :-*

      August 28, 2017 at 8:43 am
      • Reply Erika

        Haha! How I wish, isang piraso nga di ako makabili haha!

        August 28, 2017 at 8:48 am
  • Reply Eula Mendoza

    Grabe naman sa shopping spree! Kaya nga ba noon ko pa gusto magpa ampon e hahaha! Kaso sa mata palang di na ko papasa. Halatang ampon na ampon ako! Ang bag ko longchamp lang 6 months to pay pa hahahaha!

    August 28, 2017 at 9:10 pm
    • Reply Jane Go

      Mega discounted yang mga yan hahaha. Hindi naman umbra kay Kap pag mukhang lugi. Si mr. computation kaya yan. ;))

      August 28, 2017 at 9:56 pm

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