Holy Week

Went to Baguio with The Clan (a.k.a. The Superfriends) for holy week. It was CRAZEE!!! @_@ Left home at 5AM. Arrived in Baguio at 5:30 -PM!!! More than 12 hours on the road, I was going ape$hit in the car! Was everyone in sync on going up the mountains for the holy week???

Bumper to bumper traffic.
The crowd watching the penitensya didn’t help ease the traffic congestion. That’s for sure.

Our itinerary said lunch in Baguio by 11:30 -at 2:30P.M. we were still in Urdaneta! CRAP! All the restaurants were jam-packed. Except for Max’s.. I don’t know why. So Max’s fried chicken it was for our late lunch. 4 families totaling 24 pax trudged wearily & hungrily up the steps for good old fried chicken.

You wouldn’t think we were all tired, sticky & cranky, looking at these happy photos hahaha!
We are well trained for the camera! ;))

After having been assigned our rooms at the Suarez mansion, we hurriedly ate our baon for dinner after unpacking, and eagerly went to The Filling Station for cold mountain air & ice cream! <3

Hulk greeted us by the entrance! ;)

The cold mountain air & fresh ice cream does wonders for the spirits! ;)

My strawberry delight! <3
The kids wanted to sleep together, so the parents had it easy come nightfall & left the kids to their own devices. Bahala na si Batman! ;P

Rambulan na!!! ;))
After a night of somewhat restful sleep amidst the incessant barking of dogs, honking of cars, and crowing of roosters, we were all energized for a day-full of activities. Breakfast was on the house courtesy of our gracious hostess, Mrs. Dayrit -Jojo’s lovely mom.

The Clan
What is Baguio without horseback riding at Camp John Hay? ;)

Buying local trinkets.
Waiting for refreshments.
Paintball. 450 php for 50 bullets.
Naunahan ng takot due to the preemptive warning of the marshall,
so everyone was hiding & shooting aimlessly haha!
Nobody emerged victorious! :P
G.I. Joe and…
G.I. Jane
To each his own tree! ;))
The wussies! ;))
Had dinner at Forest House Bistro cafe.
This is one of our Baguio favorites.
We never go home without dining here at least once.
And this time, we brought the whole clan! <3
Seating 24 pax is no small feat.
Bouillabaisse 110 php
Australian Salpicado (525 php) was the choice food of the night.
Coming in close second was the Bagnet (195 php)
3-dressing Salad
Seafood Binagoongan (Lenten Special) 315 php
Porterhouse 595 php

Had a nightcap at the Chocolate de Batirol after dinner to savor the cool Baguio Air…

The famous Chocolate de Batirol.. with marshmallows.
The children didn’t like it though. Too tabang for their taste.
They prefer the belgian kind.. such spoiled brats! ;))
Puto bumbong & Bibingka
The 2nd morning in the mountains greeted me with a smile as I got a lovely surprise -a bouquet of flowers from my hunnypie! <3 <3 <3

Spent the rest of the morning in Mines View
Crazee boys! ;))
My Igorot kids! <3
All together now… :)
And what is Mines View without the wishing well?
Wish well, my loves! ;)

and the MAIS! m/
Lunch buffet back home.
Lovingly prepared by ate Marita! <3

It rained the rest of the day, so we thought of hiring Delfin, the henna tattoo artist my hunny befriended the other day (note: hiningian ng malaking discount). He came to the house & drew on everybody. He certainly had a profitable rainy day! :)

And just look at how much my Hunny loves me!!! <3
As I, him! <3
(Love in Ink!)
The boys. Don’t you think my babyson’s wing tat looks soooo cool??? ;)
Ang mga barako! ;))
Ate thought of an ingenious design!
She is just so clever & original! <3
While my baby got a unicorn. She is really the sugar to my spice! <3
All fairytale-y goodness! :-*
Then the teens all posed for a group caricature.
This is Delfin. Do look for him when you go to Baguio.
His version of the kids as he saw them. Cool, right?
Then we roasted some marshmallows..
and hotdogs.
My baby Lavinia’s warm toasty feet! <3
Spent our last night eating (still)..
and cuddling bears as we told ghost stories & scared each other silly! ;))

Celebrated easter, our last day together, at Mario’s…

650 php/person. Not bad.

Cochinilla, Turkey & Roast beef

Cheers to super friendships! ;)

My plates…

Caesar Salad -simply the best at Mario’s! <3
My appetizer! ;)
and my main meal.
Easter egg surprise! Ate got a free mango jubilee for 2. Yippee! m/

Many thanks to Jojo & Judith for accommodating all of us in their vacation home. We were so spoiled & pampered! <3

Making happy memories.
But wait! It doesn’t end there! ;P If there’s bakasyon, of course there’s pasalubong!!! ;)
Buying crispy fish & pusit. Yum!

And guess what? Left Baguio at 2PM. Got home at 1AM. Only in the Philippines, folks, will it take you 11-12 hours going on a supposed 5-6 hour trip. Hayyyzzzzz!!! @_@

But seeing happy smiling faces like these in spite of traffic & leg cramps make it all worth while! <3

‘Til our next summer adventure! :-*

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