Happy (chinese) New Year!

The Clan went to binondo yesterday to experience an authentic chinese new year! ;) Actually, today is the real chinese new year, last night was either christmas (?) or new year’s eve.. yes I’m really truly clueless on chinese matters even though I am one (as they keep saying, hehe!)

Believe it or not, my family & I have seen a (short) dragon dance up close & personal only ONCE, I think that was like 2 years ago, also in binondo. So I was glad to be with The Clan this second time around…

Yes, it was unbelievably crowded! Not traffic, CROWDED! ;P
Everyone was in a panic to buy hopia & tikoy!
And all those red, shiny & beribboned thingamajigs that promise
to lure in luck & prosperity to your home & business.
Of course, nothing beats President’s for an authentic chinatown dinner! ;)
President’s is L-O-V-E! <3
The Clan -kids division! ;)
Ate & babyson, together with Jasmin, is noticeably absent
because they went off to watch the Katy Perry concert in MOA.
The Clan, parents division! ;)
Uh-huh… we were all in RED!!!
Meanwhile, everyone else in binondo decided it was too tacky to wear red haha,
so we REALLY stood out! ;P
Was only able to take pictures of the food on our table haha.. forgot all about the kids as soon as the yummy dishes were laid out on ours! ;P 

Spinach soup.. surprisingly good! ;)

Eel (eeewwweeee). Tasted like dalag.
I tried it but couldn’t stop thinking about the slimy creatures! @_@
Hot prawn salad. You MUST get this! <3
Beef Hofan Noodles
Patatim with pubic buddha hair! ;P
Mantou bread for the patatim.
Of course, let us not forget our LOVE AFFAIR with duck.. or in this case, goose! <3
1st way..
2nd way!
Duck-duck-goose is most definitely <3!!!
Complimentary dessert.

Of course the night simply CAN NOT end without the distribution of ANG-PAO or lucky money..

Everyone gets a lucky envelope! $$$
Our bill came to 8.5k, which is definitely NOT BAD considering we had 2 FULL tables & ate to our delight! President’s is still THE BEST place to eat when you’re in binondo.
Eye opener for me was when a male in his late 40’s had a massive heart attack while dining. There was a slight commotion as we were settling our bill, which I would rather not dwell into because it had a sad ending! :( I definitely have to take better care of myself. REALLY start exercising & watch what I eat! @_@

But you know what they say.. the show must go on…

We were fortunate to see a dragon dance on the way back to our cars…
What is chinese new year, after all, without the dance??? ;)
It’s the year of the water dragon! m/

‘Twas such a delightful evening with The Clan! <3 
Capped it off at Frutti Froyo.
Wanted sana to hang at the MOA grounds as we wait for the KP concert to end,
but parking was just CRAZEEE there last night! @_@
So we just settled for a relaxing, yummy cup of yogurt.
The missing people from the chinatown contingent… ;)

My crazee boys! ;))

Happy New Year (again), everyone! :-*

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