Happy birthday, Mommy Dearest!

It’s Mudra’s 80th birthday party today. Her actual birthday is next Thursday pa, but since I wanted to give her a surprise party, I arranged for it to be on a sunday so what’s left of our clan can come! ;)

Me & my Mommy! <3

Everybody is gone! Most of her siblings have passed. The 2 she have left are abroad. One in NY, the other in Canada. It’s only my brother & I, and some cousins here & there. I considered having an intimate dinner at a nice hotel for just the immediate family, but this is a MILESTONE!!! 80th is a BIGGIE!! So I wanted to give her even just a small party to celebrate her 80 years!!! <3

My mom is a penny pincher. She doesn’t appreciate BIG parties & the expense that comes with it. In fact, I’m sure I’ll get a long sermon after, but what the heck… it’s just once a year haha! ;P So in line of keeping it simple, we just had the party in my house.

My house is 17 years old, too much wear & tear already. Even my furniture is as old as ate na haha! So I looked for a way to make it appear a little festive & not-so-dreary!!! ;P I got this tutorial from youtube:

Saw this on a martha stewart show in the lifestyle channel a while back.
Fell in love with it right away!!! Who wouldn’t?? It’s SO FLUFFY!!! @_@
Click here for a video tutorial on how to make this pompom! ;)
Thank you RICA for telling me about the video!!! :-*

Then, I got Neil’s Kitchen to cater her mini party. Michelle is a mommy friend from way back ate’s grade school in TLC & I trust her fully. Plus, they have yummy food talaga, I love Neil’s pad thai!!! <3 I decided on a Thai Menu (B)… I hope my kids like it!! @_@ I certainly don’t want to have another “korean food” experience! ;P

I can really really vouch for the yumminess factor! :)
Try Neil’s Kitchen for your next catering needs.

I only have more or less 40 guests (yes, including us na!!), but you never know… So I ordered lechon on the side in case more people came.

Michelle lent me her carving station for my lechon. Isn’t it just purrrtyyyy???
I so love the unique design & colors!!! <3
BTW, you can order this heating gadget separately from Michelle 0928-5247404.

Here’s how Mom’s surprise party went.. I wonder if she was REALLY surprised or she just went along with it, haha! :P

Picked her up after church.
Her guests yelled “SURPRISE” when she came in.
To her credit, she really did look surprised haha! :)

Cried after seeing her favorite grandkids whom she hasn’t seen for quite some time now.
Saying grace before the meal..
Digging in! ;))
I loved EVERYTHING that Neil’s Kitchen served!! <3
The grandkids.. ang dami nila diba, hahaha! :P
With my brother & sister in law..

Blowing of candles with grandkids & great grandkids (from nephews & nieces)..
The teens left the party & went upstairs to hang! :)
The power of three! ;P
What’s left of our family!!!

Happy happy birthday, Mommy dearest. I pray that God will give you more years with us.. good health, pure joy & long life. Thank you for all the love & support you have given us through the years. For being both the Mom & the Dad in our family, and for raising us the best you can. I love you very very much! I thank God for giving me you! :-*

To my 3 darlings, thank you for being such good hosts and helping me entertain. Thank you lovey for the decorations, you have been so patient making all the pompoms diligently! :-* Thank you babyson for letting the guys hang in your room, and for letting them play with your “toys”. :) Thank you ate for the birthday video presentation, and for being my photographer for the day! ;) I love you guys so much!!! <3 For our yummy yummy food pics, pls. click here… ;)

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