Happy Birthday, Lovey! (Part 1)

It’s Lovey’s 12th birthday celebration weekend! We always have several celebrations going on. That’s how fun birthdays are supposed to be, don’t you agree? After all, it only comes once a year! ;)

Today, she celebrated with her friends after their U.N. presentation in school.

My Lovey is now a little lady, so it was “ladies’ lunch” for the girls… I would have wanted to take them to high tea at The Pen but as it’s kinda far from home. I didn’t think the little girls will be allowed. So we had to settle for the nearest mall. As long as they’re together they are happy, anyway! ;)

Her sleepover cake from Aggy’s.
Although they just had a “half-day-over”! ;))
This costs 5k at Martha’s.
But I was able to ask my friend Aggy to make one at half the price.

Playing with lego while waiting for Italianni’s to open.
They are still “child-at-heart” after all! ;))
Spread for the hungry little girls! :)

Make your own pizza. Coolness! <3
3 kinds of pasta. Coz I know how hungry they were after the U.N. presentation!!!

And I was right! ;))
Cheers for the birthday girl!!! <3

Don’t forget to make a wish!!! ;)
And of course their little celebration doesn’t stop with lunch. Off they went to Timezone to release their newly carb-acquired energy! ;))

Look at how much tickets they got!!! m/

Hope you had a great day today with your friends, my baby!!! :-* I love you so much!!!<3

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