Happy Birthday, Ate! (Part 2)

It’s hard to buy surprise gifts for the kids. Sometimes, they like it. Sometime they don’t –and it’s a waste of money coz for sure they will NEVER EVER wear/use it.

So ate’s 2 siblings took her out birthday shopping today on her actual birthday, how sweet! <3 Of course they needed me to tag along haha coz I’m their driver/ATM! :P

So after we had lunch at my mom’s..

Ate with the 2 lolas..
Feasting on junk food which makes us very very happy! ;))
With gifts galore from their uncle, since the kids birthday are like 2 weeks apart! ;)
New school bags, yay!

We went to the mall to see what else ate might want –she is sooooo picky! @_@ Especially with shoes. So I was really glad she found something she liked! m/

Ate’s siblings bought her a pair of shoes from their own allowance as a birthday gift <3

Then ate merienda at Italianni’s. Shopping ALWAYS makes us oh-so-hungry!!!

Spinach artichoke dip 295 php
Penne Arabiatta – abondanzza 595php
Ate‘s favorite belgian chocolate cake from Mary Grace <3
Three candles mean “I LOVE YOU!” ;)
We ate everything in sight! @_@
Happy birthday to us! ;))

Went home right after to prepare for ate‘s house party naman. Wanted her to just have a quiet dinner out with friends but she preferred to stay at home where they can be more at ease to just chill & relax… Guess who turned out super stressed getting ready to make the party happen, hahaha! :P

No one is ever too old for balloons! ;)
Feta cheese in olive oil & lemon Salad, which I invented haha.
Sushi party platter from Omakase. Ate‘s favorite! <3
Our cook’s very own slow pot roast. Simply yummy! m/
and her uber rich carbonara!
Dulcelin mango torte which ate loves!
And is a staple at every party.
And of course.. what is a party without booze??? @_@
But they are good kids.. not drinking beyond what they can tolerate naman.
And it’s just once a year (unless you count all the bday parties they attend in a year, haha!)
The kids were hungry by 8..
Food was wiped out. I’m happy.
It means they liked it.. or were really very hungry! ;))

I’m glad she had quite a turn out of guests.
Present & past schoolmates (college freshmen now) whom she has missed..
My beautiful daughter, whom I love very very much! <3 <3 <3
Happy birthday to you! :-*
Make a wish!!!
Happy happy happy 17th birthday, ate! I hope your day was special.. as special as you are to me. The day God gave you to me was one of the best days of my life, Always remember that Mommy loves you to the moon & back! :-*
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