Happy 18th Birthday, Noe!

Noe celebrated her 18th birthday the other day with a small bang. She opted for a great gift instead of a great party, so the Party Rockers decided to give her a little “surprise”. And I put quotes on the word surprise because it has been their tradition to have cake fights on each other’s birthdays, so Noe more or less knew what was coming her way last night. ;) She was happy, nonetheless.

Getting ready to surprise Noe! <3
What she asked for instead of a big party..
Macbook Pro!
and a RIFLE! @_@
Delikado, this girl!
You better watch out not to piss her, boys! :P
It’s really endearing to see how this little group has become so tight that even with their busy schedules, they manage to make special occasions meaningful for each other. The cast wasn’t complete because of school, but whoever was available that friday night made sure that Noe would have a fun-filled 18th birthday! :)
The messed up birthday girl! <3
The Talong & Egg game! ;))
Pass the calamnsi. :))
To watch the video of their harana, click below.
To watch the video of the cake fight, click below.
Kids being kids, shakey’s pizza lang ang katapat, happy na yan! What’s important is that they were together on this very special occasion. ;))
The little (and not-so-little ones) hid inside to avoid the cake fight.
Your guys are sooooo getting one on your birthdays!!! DO NOT DOUBT IT! :P
Happy happy birthday, our ever dearest Noe! Whatever you ask, may you receive. Whatever you seek, may you find. Whatever you wish, may it be fulfilled. We love you!!! <3
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