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#GOlobe30tting Day 8

Day 8


It’s been 2 days & our wifi from vodaphone still wasn’t working. Hirap maging turista, pinagloloko kami huhu. It’ll take 24 hours daw for activation. Aba umabot ng 48 hours wala pa rin? Wasted half a day at the mall sorting it out. Found a better wifi service at EE. Ora mismo may wifi na kami. Pwede naman pala yun, hmp, pinahirapan pa kami grabe!


After 48 hours of still no internet, we asked for a refund & switched sides! There’s no unli data so we have to buy them by the giga. Katakot lang to overuse kasi baka maubos at the time we need wifi the most. So we only turn it on when we need to look for a place, or in my case, post something on IG hehe.


Buti nalang mall rats ang mga bata, they didn’t mind another half day of shopping, trololol! :P Yan oh, mukhang galak na galak pa!

Anyway, since we were already at the mall, we decided to just have lunch somewhere & do a little sightseeing before LION KING the musical, woohoo! \m/ Umaangal na si Kap sa gastos namin kasi lahat ng entrance mahal haha. But what to do? When you go to a foreign country you have to do all the touristy thing & soak it in or it kinda defeats the purpose of your visit diba.

The kids decided on lunch at Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver at the mall.


Buti nalang nasa good mood si Kap. :)


Kap: Looking over the menu.. Sweetheart kunin mo yung 3-course. Me: Eyes wide. Wow! Talaga? Tig 3-course tayo honey? (bubble though: Aba ang galante ng asawa ko today ah!) Kap: Ano ka! 3-course para hati na tayo. Pipili ka ng 3 diba madami na yun busog na tayo. Me: Honey, ibig sabihin ng 3-course isang appetizer, isang main, saka isang dessert. Kap: Ah. Hindi ba 3 main? Sige yung tig-2 course nalang kunin mo wag ka na mag-dessert. @_@ Honnnnn. Bakit ka ganyaaaan??


Another one off the checklist! ;)


Got to try each of the featured appetizers.


Me on the liver pate: Uhhhmmmm, saraaaap. Kap: De-latang liver spread lang yan eh. @_@ Hay naku.


We also got to try each of the featured mains.


And because sharing means caring, hating mag-asawa. <3


Loved the dessert selection.


Especially this one.


Fambam. <3

The 2 girls opted for ice cream elsewhere in lieu of the available desserts. My Nena wanted to try Amorino’s. She was too cold when we first spotted it in Paris, glad she was able to try it in London. <3


Creamy ice cream. I asked my Bae to get different colors so the flower design will be more striking, but she liked these flavors.

Sights in London close pretty early so our attempt to see the London Tower was null. Para hindi masayang ang byahe, we just look photos at the Tower Bridge.


That’s right, curtsy to her majesty the queen.. MOI! :P


Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London built in 1886–1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London.


The bridge deck is freely accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians, whereas the bridge’s twin towers, high-level walkways and Victorian engine rooms form part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, for which an admission charge is made.


Tower Bridge is often mistaken for London Bridge, the next bridge upstream.


Which is the one behind us. Much plainer-looking, but as important nonetheless & offers unparalleled views of its pretty counterpart. The current crossing, which opened to traffic in 1974, is a box girder bridge built from concrete and steel. This replaced a 19th-century stone-arched bridge, which in turn superseded a 600-year-old medieval structure. This was preceded by a succession of timber bridges, the first built by the Roman founders of London.

Made a quick stop at Leadenhall Market (Diagon Alley)..

Leadenhall Market is a beautiful covered Victorian market in the City of London. Under the elegant Victorian roof there are stalls selling flowers, cheese, meat and other fresh food. There are also shops, pubs and restaurants in the market building. Leadenhall Market is one of London’s hidden gems.

Open Mondays to Fridays, from 10am to 6pm. Contact individual shops for their opening hours. Public areas of the market building are generally open 24 hours a day. All public areas of the market are fully accessible.

Diagon Alley scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were filmed in Leadenhall Market.


Grateful that Ate always googles for the best places to see & visit. Kap parked right outside & we took turns going in to take photos. As long as someone is in the car it’s ok to park for a few minutes.


Straight out of a Harry Potter scene. Happiness! <3


Kap is now a selfie expert & he makes sure to drag me along in every shot hahaha! I’m loving’ it though.

Left just in time to catch our musical THE LION KING at 7pm. I don’t normally like watching musicals as it puts me to sleep, but when in London, right? And no regrets, even at 10k php/pop, CLICK HERE to buy your tickets, sobrang sulit the show. The props & the costumes were really fantastic & one of a kind. The actor who portrayed Timon caught my attention the most & I thought he did the best performance, acting & singing wise.


Good thing we were still able to get seats last minute as this wasn’t on our itinerary. I originally asked the girls to get us tickets to the new musical, ALADDIN, but all seats were taken the entire duration of our trip. No regrets though, Lion King was FAB! <3


The boys dropped us off & did their own thing while we gals watched a musical.


I wanted my girls to get the full experience so I indulged them with orchestra seats. Ate will be leaving us in a few so I wanted to spoil her as much as I could. Between the 3 of us, she’s the artsy & archi type. So I know she’d appreciate the show. <3


The balconies look nice too! Maybe we can try them on our next musical??? HINT, HINT!


I thought we’d have to dress up to watch, turns out it’s pretty causal in London. We could even bring in snacks! \m/


Umpisa palang, Ate was bawling already. I’m glad. She’s normally tough as nails, so for her to be emotional means she really, really loved the show. For me, super sulit seeing her so happy & enthralled. <3


Everything was just so wonderful. From the props, to the production. Bow!


It’s truly one experience we’d never forget. I could get used this. Anong susunod naming pwedeng panuorin, Kap? ;)

Went back to the chinese place in Chinatown that Kap has come to love for the peking duck (& other things) which costs only 6.50 pounds. Less than 500 pesosswak na swak sa budget nya.

The weather here in London is much cooler than that in Paris. Grateful for the car, and the boys who drop us off & pick us up to keep us from the cold & rain. We are so spoiled.


For their good deeds, Kap & babylon truly deserve chinese food, and extra flied lice! :)

Ho-hum, antok na ako. Bukas na uli, goodnight Manila!

PS: Thank you Bae for cooking us brekky! <3 This is her FIRST TIME to cook! And she cooked our eggs beautifully.


My domesticated Bae. She is the most domesticated diva among all of us, lol. Love you darling! :-*

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