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#GOlobe30tting Day 27

Day 27


July 17, 2016 | Via dei Bardi, 6, 50125 Florence, Italy | +39 335 624 0624
1 night total ₱8,146
Host – Barbara Guerrazzi

Since our apartment was available for 1 day only & we were staying 2 in Florence, we had to pack up, leave, and carry ALL the baggages to another location. As in LAHAT. NKKLK. Nice & exciting as our family trip has been, we are just so ready to go home & veg.

Making the most of our last 3 days in Italy (4 if you count the day we leave for home).


Had a Mcdo breakfast at the train station where we were meeting our guides for the day. Meal for 4, 1k php.

Our guides took us to the Designer outlet today. Sa tingin nila kulang pa ang maleta namin, trololol. Kap said ENOUGH. But guess who made the 1st purchase at Tod’s. Eh sino pa di si Kap my Kap. The rest followed suit hehe.


I wasn’t so very happy at THE MALL designer outlet. No great finds this time around, try as I might.


None of the cute stuff in the outlet appealed to Ate. She liked a Miu Miu shoe that we vibered to her though. Queue took us a solid hour and then some at the Prada store. Grabe, akala mo naman libre kung makapila ang mga tao! @_@

I asked Ate what pasalubong she wanted from Italy. There’s this sneaker that she likes but since it’s new season, it’s not available in the outlets yet. So we made a special trip in the city because I really wanted to get my darling something nice from Italy seeing she missed a big chunk of our adventure to go back to school. She deserves to be spoiled a little for being such a good daughter & student. <3


Found the exact color of sneaker she wanted at the just-opened flagship Valentino store in Florence. Mission accomplished, finally. I really didn’t want to go home empty-handed to my precious.

Met my niece’s Italian boyfriend of 6 months. 2 thumbs up, napakagalang at napakabait. Kuha ang boto ni ninang! ;)


Gora na hija. Italian citizen na agad-agad! ;))

They took us sightseeing & then off to dinner.



Piazza della Signoria Piazza della Signoria is an L-shaped square in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. It was named after the Palazzo della Signoria, also called Palazzo Vecchio. It is the focal point of the origin and of the history of the Florentine Republic and still maintains its reputation as the political hub of the city.


The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is a Medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy, noted for still having shops built along it, as was once common. Butchers initially occupied the shops; the present tenants are jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers. The bridge consists of three segmental arches: the main arch has a span of 30 meters (98 feet) the two side arches each span 27 meters (89 feet). The rise of the arches is between 3.5 and 4.4 meters (11½ to 14½ feet), and the span-to-rise ratio 5:1.


Fake designer goods all over town. Don’t even make the mistake of asking or they’ll hound you to death.


Shoe-fie, Firenze edition. :)


Walkathon everywhere we go. :|

Syempre pa, chinese food na naman ang request ni Kap. Nag-shopping eh! :P Pag-uwi magaadobo at sinigang ako. Tapos na ako sa chinese food hmp!



Aba! Masyado naman yatang nagpa-impress si Kap sa Italiano?! Ang daming inorder! Kap, isdatchu??? ;))


Napasubo si Kap my Kap hehe. Na-doble ang budget nya sa chinese dinner namin. Lalagnatin yan bukas, kita nyo! ;))

Another early day tomorrow as we leave for Roma. Ciao for now. Tatlong tulog na lang we will be reunited with Ate na. My heart will be healed & complete again. <3


Padalhan ka ba naman ng ganito, hindi magdugo ang puso mo? :'(( Ahuhuhu!

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