Forever 21 MOA VIP Opening

Such a crazee busy day yesterday! @_@

First off, ate texts me in the morning to say that she & her new friend Kyla are apparently wearing the same dress to the F21 MOA opening! @_@ Not just the same color.. but the EXACT same mango outfit! One she carefully put together the night before to bring to school since they were going to the event directly after class. From the shoe, to the bag, to the accessories. Such is the life of a fashionista, sigh! ;))

Outfit from Mango 3k

So she was in panic mode! And of course, if she was panicking -MOTHER was most definitely panicking as well! @_@ Certainly they can’t go to the same function wearing the same outfit!

Ate already set her mind to that particular outfit that she totally zoned out & her mind was blocked from choosing anything else (you know that feeling -I’m sure!). I suggested the new “reserve” outfit from pluma (yes we have those, the all of a sudden “MOMMY I NEED A NEW OUTFIT ASAP” thingy). Good that her tita Ann had it ready yesterday so all I had to do was pick it up & get it to my princess asap.

Seeing a full day ahead as I was also tasked to buy her friend Bent’s birthday gift & cake (I am their slave), I picked up Lavinia early from school after hurriedly dressing up then went on about my business. My Lovey proved to be such a good mommy’s little helper -don’t know what I would have done without her! <3

The 2 succeeding photos STOLEN from ate’s BLOG without permission, teehee! ;P
That’s her gang right there. Bianca, her, Bent -the bday boy, Ramy, Eunice, (front) Mendi & Kitkat! <3
Ate’s friend BENT.
Happy birthday! :)

Finally met up in MOA..

Blurry pic. Little fashionistas! :)
red Heart dress by Topshop
Big Fashionistas! :)
Black tank from Uniqlo. Maxi skirt from Pluma. Feather accessory by Topshop.
New outfit we hurriedly put together! @_@
This maxi skirt has 2 corset tops which ate preferred to stash away for another emergency.
She just used a plain black tank to make her look not-so formal & youthful.
As with every forever 21 opening, complimentary CHOW abound! ;)
I don’t know what’s in it but it was really really good!
and BBQ chicken both from Teriyaki Boy (sponsors) -I think.
So many sponsors, so little time! ;P
Opening the fashion show was MYX’s VJ Joyce Pring
President of Forever 21, Mr. ALEX OAK.
Peeps that best described the theme “FOREVER CHIC”,
each holding a samsung galaxy pocket as prize.
Most were bloggers.
The one in the leftmost in Jane Kingsu-Cheng, manager of f21.
The 2 in the rightmost are the samsung representative (L)  & the emcee (R).
and it begins..

The turnout in the MOA opening wasn’t as mad as the last 2 (Makati & The Block) openings. It was still crazy, but not MAD! ;)

Excited little girls! :)
After an hour so 2.. the kids’ loot. Poor me! @_@
And they await the opening of COTTON ON in september. Yikes!
Thank goodness for this! @_@
I was able to “save” 5k from the girls’ purchases.

Since it was a school night, we hurriedly ate dinner at the nearest empty restaurant we could find. Sakae Sushi. It wasn’t what I had in mind after a long tiring day, but it served it’s purpose.

At the rate we’re going, I will have to find a job oversees to fund their nasty shopping habit, teehee! :P

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