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Champagne Room it is!

This is it! <3 My Bae finally found THE venue for her debut next year! We were planning to do the ocular January of next year in time for her 18th birthday, but we panicked when we found out from well-meaning friends that events are being booked as early as 2 years in advance. Ack!

So after narrowing down her choices to 3 places: The Conservatory at Manila Peninsula, Champagne Room at The Manila Hotel, and The Ballroom at Raffles Makati, we finally found THE ONE. The one that got my Bae’s heartbeat beating like cray, lol!

Ever since my Bae went with us for Ate‘s ocular several years back, she immediately fell in love with The Conservatory of Manila Peninsula. So right after her 17th birthday, I repeatedly sent inquiries & feelers to the powers that be. We were ignored though, to my dismay. Hindi naman kami mukhang mga taong-grasa hehe. I told Jena that if it was already this hard to get them to reply at this initial stage, what more once we’ve booked and deposit has been made? Baka magka-leche-leche pa.

So while we were STILL waiting for updates on The Conservatory, we took a peek at Champagne Room of The Manila Hotel when we celebrated my Babyson’s birthday. We’ve always wanted to dine at Champagne Room but every time we’d call to reserve, it was booked for an event. Even on the day we went, it was booked for an event -gah, so in demand! @_@ Good thing the organizer allowed us a sneak peak. And that was all it took. Hook, line & sinker, my Bae took the bait! ;P


After our birthday lunch at Mabuhay Palace, we walked around the beautiful hotel, deliberately passing by Champagne Room. Lady luck was in our favor as the organizer of an event scheduled for that evening allowed us a sneak peek into the lovely & posh venue! <3


One glance was all it took. My Bae gasped and said: Mommy, I love it!


Of course, that’s also all it took for wonder mom to make sure my Bae gets the debut her heart desires. <3

Champagne Room

Manila Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Ermita, Manila (02) 527-0011

It was a Sunday, and we were sure nobody would be working in the office on a weekend. But we inquired at the concierge nonetheless. Lo & behold, we were directed to Banquet & an events associate was there! With a ready smile too & so very eager to help. Yup, lady luck was really smiling at us that day as all fell into place. <3

I asked for an email quote & even before we set foot outside the hotel, I heard a “ding”. Ang bilis! May email agad! A far cry from our experience at Manila Peninsula. Now THAT is what I call service. With a smile pa, diba! ;)

I immediately replied to the email & made a schedule for the next day to place my deposit & guarantee my Bae’s slot..


All smiles for Champagne Room! Seeing my Bae happy is more than enough incentive for me to give her a night to remember. ;)


Like her Ate when she turned 18, I also want my Bae to experience being a grown up. So I had her sign her very first contract & make the deposit! \m/ Thank you so much JAMES for all your assistance, kindness & patience with us. I look forward to brainstorming with you in the coming months!


She chose menu #1 for her buffet, french dish over the asian & pinoy picks.


Push na ito! I hope I don’t get any violent reactions again from my intregera, atrebida, and pakialamerang relatives, hay naku. :P My life is so beautiful, leave us in peace, please.


Perfect venue for her intimate 100-150 guests. We already established that since this will be her party, we will not have any mrshonda guests (a.k.a. friend of the payrents) -save for her “Treasures”, so she & her friends can fully enjoy the night without us old farts cramping their style. ;)

Alam ko na ang tanong nyo.. eh  kumusta naman si Kap, bes? ;)) Hahahahaha! 100% support kaya sya. Sabi ko naman kasi “Honey, last baby na natin ito. After this event, isa nalang ang gagastusan natin. Wedding nalang ni Babyson. Tapos libre-libre na tayo!

Sagot nya: “Bakit si Jonah lang? Eh paano yung 2 babae?” I replied: “Honey, syempre asawa na nila ang bahala dun. Labas na tayo.”. Bwelta ni Kap: “Grabe ka naman, eh kung walang pera yung mapapangasawa nila, syempre naman tutulong tayo“.

To which I immediately looked at the girls. Erase! Erase! Wag pakinggan ang daddy nyo. You better marry someone who can afford your lifestyle, or don’t marry at all! Aba, pagpahingahin nyo naman kami sa gastos diba? HAHAHAHAHA!

O please ha? Wala uling violent reactions! Nagpapakatotoo lang ako. Peace. :P

My peg & draw board for my Bae’s debut..

Kung ako ang masusunod, with emphasis on the word KUNG. I want my princess to have a similar ballgown with a detachable skirt that she can remove mid-way para naman maka-rampa sya ng maayos. BUT, she’s not feeling it daw, hay. I’m not overly concerned though, I have a few more months to convince her of my plans & sway her to my decisions hehe. She is more pliable than her Ate, lol.

Our colour motif. Oxblood, gold & beige. Classy!

I also want a floral backdrop with her name in gold for her photo wall with friends. WHERE?? HOW??

You guys have been such an important part of our lives through the years, and you’ve seen my kids practically grow up right before your eyes that we welcome brilliant suggestions for my baby’s debut.

Any input you an share, we would truly appreciate & incorporate. <3 This mother hen is already cackling like cray. Exciting times ahead.. exciting times! :)

By the way, RAFFLECOPTER already chose the lucky winners for the Certified Positive devotional planners, and I’ve already sent email notifications to ask for your addresses so I can ship them asap. Thank you so much again for joining! :-*


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