Can’t Smile Without You feat. Barry

One of my pet peeves is receiving unsolicited advice. In Filipinos, that trait is a given. In chinese families, more so. Walang boundaries, pakialam toda max. Feeling close, is the best definition I can give.


Ok lang sana kung ka-close mo eh, or from persons of authority -people whom you look up to & respect –at constuctive ang dating. But coming from people you don’t know, or let’s say -you are related to, but not chummy with; at lalong lalo na yung mga wala namang kinalaman sa mga bagay-bagay at pakialamerong frog lang talaga, feel ko.. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF and mind your own darned business! @_@

Motives for Unsolicited Advice:

Needing to Be Needed: People who offer unsolicited advice from this motivation may have a lot of knowledge in a certain area that pertains to your situation, and need to share it with people in order to feel needed and important.

Narcissism: Some people need to be in the role of ‘teacher’ all the time, or perhaps just like to hear themselves pontificate. Their advice is often long-winded and not always appropriate to your situation.

Establishment of Dominance: Some advice-givers would like to take the role of ‘more knowledgeable person’ in the relationship dynamic, and giving advice puts them in that position.

Passing Judgment: Sometimes when people have seen something in you that they don’t like, they give unsolicited advice as a way to change it. This advice can often feel like an insult more than a genuine attempt to help.

The Desire for Drama: Believe it or not, some people love conflict, love hearing themselves argue, and get a feeling of personal power from telling others how wrong they are.

Source: https://www.verywell.com/whats-behind-different-types-of-unsolicited-advice-3144961

I have this MUCH older chinese cousin living all the way in Canada. Oh diba, ang layo na? Twice he has sent me long emails telling me how to blog, how to live MY life, how to raise MY family, how to spend MY money. Hindi lang yun, he even sent a link of my blog to our other relatives kasama ang unsolicited advice nya. Hahahahahaha! Magaling, magaling, magaling! Sya na ang napakagaling! \m/


Take note that this guy is from another side of the family ha. Walang connect. Mahilig lang talaga makisawsaw.

Dong, pwede ba? Ayusin mo muna ang buhay mo bago mo pakialaman ang buhay ng iba? There was a point in time na kinalat mo sa mga kamaganakan na nanlalalaki ang asawa mo kaya she left you, and yet hinabol mo & now you’re happy (?) together. Sabagay, what should I have expected from a man who ruins his own wife’s reputation. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

And for the life of me, why do you persist in reading my blog if you are so against my lifestyle? Wala ka na ba ibang mabasa? Punta ka sa national library ng Canada I’m sure madaming libro at magazines dun. Or since you’re always, ALWAYS on facebook, stalk other people nalang, dami mo namang oras online eh. Btw, speaking of too much time on your hands, retired ka na ba? Sorry ha, I know nothing about your life kasi bukod sa hindi ka interesting at hindi ka relevant sa buhay ko, I just never cared enough about you. :P

I didn’t even invite you to read my blog, much more be a part of our lives. Galing mo naman na out of millions of bloggers in the world, nahanap mo pa ang blog ko sa kasamaang palad.

You even told me not to use God & His words in my blog, and you ask that God has mercy on me. Koya, ano yan, monopoly? Ikaw lang ang anak ng Diyos? Ikaw lang may karapatan? Close kayo much? ;))

May I refresh your memory kasi baka may memory gap ka na dala ng edad mo, when your Dad was still alive & my mom was helping him financially until the time of his death, did she once even call or write to you to ask that you send your own dad monthly support? Hindi po. Kasi buhay mo yan. Up to you if you wanted to own up to your own filial duties as the financially-capable son. 


O, send mo itong photo as attachment sa mass emails mo sa mga kamaganakan ha? Saka yung letter ni mother na nagsasabing wag mo pakialaman ang buhay ko. Ok? Mwah! :-*

Even when your dad went to Canada to visit you, my mom was the one who paid for his ticket & pocket money since you didn’t see fit to send him transportation fee. Lahat yan may narinig ka ba sa aming mga anak? Wala. Kasi we were taught by my mom that sharing is caring.

“To those whom much is given, much is required in return.” Luke 12:48 Yan ha baka makatanggap na naman ako ng email for quoting your our God.


Even though I asked you to stop sending me emails & reading my blogs, you continue to do so. Akala mo ba hindi ko nakikita ang IP address mo? Wow I’m so flattered that you find our life so interesting. So hindi ko man ugali mag-rant dito, here’s a special shoutout to you, dear cousin. Hayaan mo sa susunod lagyan ko na ng picture mopara naman feeling special ka din. Parang inggit na inggit ka kasi sa buhay namin, lol.


Sa mata ng pamilya mo, you are still beautiful. Kaya wag ka nang bitter.

For your info, ito ang definition ng blog ok..


Pakibasa ng maige.. PERSONAL. P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L. Ano ba gusto mo isulat ko? Buhay ng iba? Please, I’m not you.

and this is one is especially for you.. TROLL (definition)


GOppets, sinagot ko na sya. Wag nang patulan at pag-aksayahan ng panahon, ok?

PS: May kasabihan, happy wife happy life (hindi yan bible verse ha baka mag-react ka na naman). So MY unsolicited advice for you is, make your wife happy, para happy life ka din pinsan. 


“It’s easy to see the bad, it’s easy to let the negative vibes from others infect you, but don’t let them. Find a happiness that is so pure that it radiates off of you.” You want happiness? Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird. BE WHATEVER! Because life is too short to be anything but happy. And I simply refuse to let you take away our happiness.

Moving on, bow.

Last na, I dedicate this song to you, kasi YOU CAN’T SEEM TO SMILE WITHOUT ME, and I ALWAYS SEEM TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY! ;)

Can’t smile without you -Barry

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