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And we’re OFF!

Sa wakaaas! Nakalayas din kami ng bansa woohoo!! \m/ For the longest time, I had dreamt of going on a loooong trip abroad with Kap & the kids again -it’s been a while, really. Financial constraints, time constraints and many other constraints prevented us from achieving our (expensive) dream. Laging may pinaglalaanang iba ang pera, o kaya laging buhol-buhol ang sked ng mga bata. But now, the stars have finally aligned in my favor. we’re OFF! Buh-bye, wala nang balikan ito, lol!

Left aboard Cathay Pacific Monday, destination Paris.

Cathay Pacific

Ticket price: Bought on promo at travel expo: 250k for 5 tickets round trip, economy class. (Will include expenses on every blog entry for your reference & guide, and highlight in red for easy read.) <3

Kap said we’ll go to Europe with the kids in tow on our 25th wedding anniversary instead of renewing our vows in church & spending on an elaborate wedding & reception. Nauto ko sya, napa-aga ng 3 taon hehe. So does this mean I get another honeymoon familymoon on our Silver? Gotta work on him this early for that idea to materialize. ;P Baka makalimot at ma-goyo ko for another long (and expensive) vacay.


Kap is truly a Godly leader, he makes sure that in everything we do, we acknowledge God’s presence in our lives. God is the Head of our home, the unseen Guest in every meal, the silent Listener at every conversation. Praying circle before we left for uneventful travels, and safety for those left behind.


ALL EGGZOITED!!! Hindi talaga kami nakapag-tulog the night before hehe.


Kaya ayan, bagsak si Kap sa Hong Kong layover! ;)) Laki ng sala nitong boyfriend ko! Our adventure had just started & we’re already sooo tired. Ano ba yaaan?? #lolalevelz Kap asked us: choose.. business class or pocket money? Wala, mga mukhang pera talaga kami, we chose spending money over comfort, trololol! Kaya yan, tiis-tiis!


Nourishment for the body. The flight was reeeeaally long, the seats very tight & snuggly. Grateful for whatever comfort we could find to keep us sane throughout the 14-hour gruelling flight (not including the 4-hours layover huhu).


It’s so hard to sleep in an upright position, super happy to have my cuddle buddy beside me all the way! Meron akong human pillow. <3 Zzzzzz…


Finally! From NAIA- to HKIA – to CDG woohoo!! We made it!! <3

Initially, Kap agreed to a US/Canada trip for 2016. It’s been 10 years or more since we last visited. But after computing & re-computing, it seems that it will amount to the same thing (ng slight) going to Europe. And it’s someplace the kids haven’t been to yet. So final decision was made, 4:1 teehee. Panalo ang team Europe!

I will do my best to update you of our GO-lobetrotting activities, but no promises. I may enjoy our travels too much that I’d spend every waking moment taking in the scenery. Or I may also just be too tired from what I’m sure will be days of non-stop walking & sightseeing. Umayos ka Ultraboost, you better make your magic work. Imma need you these coming 30 days please! So help me God.

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Meanwhile, do you like my personalized maleta? Isn’t it just so purteee?? Hindi pa rin ako make-let go kay Ms. Piggy & Kermit hehe. #mayforever I’m so happy it turned out so well kaya hindi ako napagalitan ni Kap, lol.


Quinnah is Ate‘s high school friend. He’s super talented that when I was musing out loud how I’d be able to spot my black maleta on a carousel full of black luggages, Ate suggested Quinnah’s expertise right away. Woohoo! \m/


At! Muntik pang hindi nakalusot ang mga maleta namin kay Kap. He said “pack light”. Hello, 30 days? Pack light? May ganon??


Meanwhile, meet the domesticated (?) me as I live the next 30 days without my angels helping me trough life one load of wash at a time with DOWNY, lol. Read my full article in Everday Me by clicking THIS LINK & THIS LINK. Peace out. :-*

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