Zonta Muntinlupa Bazaar

There are 2 zonta bazaars every year. One is the zonta muntinlupa (good), the other is the zonta alabang (better).  The theme for this year’s zonta muntinlupa bazaar was moroccan. Much much livelier & much much fuller than the one last week.

Upon entry to the park, you can already feel the festive atmosphere.. and even the parking lots were occupied by food booths! :)

Took pictures of new booths. Most of the booths are repeats of the previous weeks.. The wares get better & better as Christmas time approaches! m/

Best value at 99php.
Faux leather trim & you can change the paper artwork insert with just a print.

Nauhaw ang lowla! ;))
Kinda pricey at 250 each. But hey, everything is hand made..

Imitation Satchels

This shirt booth is always present every weekend,
but they have new slogans that catch my fancy every time! :)
Should have gotten this (MATINIK SA CHICKS) for my babyson haha! :P
I can’t guarantee authenticity of the stuff sold in our bazaars ha.
With all the imitations booming nowadays,
you never know which ones are genuine & which ones are fake! :P
But if you’re not pihikan naman & you find the quality & comfort ok,
THEN by all means GO! m/
Just some of the new food booths..

It’s the kids’ exam week. So it’s gonna be chill lang the whole week long. No happenings, haha! And they are half day so I’m not allowed to blog when they’re home na! :P See you this weekend! :-*

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