Zombie Apocalypse

If only I had the means & ways (read: moolah -lots & lots of it!) I would give my kids so many adventures & travels that they wouldn’t know what hit them. Unfortunately, we are not one of the rich & famous, so I have to make do with giving them simpler adventures that they can look back on with fond memories.
After the scavenger hunt party that marked the start of our summer, I cooked up the idea of a zombie apocalypse. I’ve been hooked on The Walking Dead & I though it would be fun for the kids & their friends to run around & scream themselves silly while being chased by zombies.

Click HERE to watch Zombies: A Living History. How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse! :)

Hey. Don’t laugh. :P This is a serious matter, lels. Even the  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) put up a public health matters blog. Click HERE. ;))

The Zombie Survival Guide, written by American author Max Brooks and published in 2003, is a survival manual dealing with the fictional potentiality of a zombie attack. It contains detailed plans for the average citizen to survive zombie uprisings of varying intensity and reach, and describes “cases” of zombie outbreaks in history. The Zombie Survival Guide was also featured on The New York Times Best Seller’s list.
So last night, after so many preparations (& buckets of sweat -mostly by me & my little helper!), they finally had their ZA game!
The game starts with all participants gathered at the 5th floor of an abandoned building -in total darkness! For you sissies out there, you will be allowed to bring a SMALL flashlight.
All gates per floor will be locked – with zombies looming around. You may bring a nerf gun & ammunition to ward off the zombies. Remember, they were human once too, so please avoid hitting them in the faces especially the eyes – & the groin (OUCH!)! And no physical contact or hitting them with chairs. Let’s be humane about killing them shall we?
Keys will be hidden in strategic places per level.
Object of the game is to find the key to open the lock per floor. There will be 3 keys for the 5 floors. Whoever finds a lock will compete for the title of SURVIVOR!
After all 3 keys to the gates have been found, the participants will then be locked in a REAL mausoleum at the ground floor, & will be at the mercy of the 3 survivors to find the final key to release them & save them from the hungry undeads! There will be 2 bogus keys & 1 real key. So the trick is in finding the REAL key to emerge victorious & tagged as The Hero.
Are you ready to fight for your life on the scariest night of the year?? Play at your own risk!!

Around 22 kids about to board the Zombie Express which picked them up right outside our house.
Of course I had to give them the whole & complete experience from start to finish! ;)
All ready for a night of thrills & screams!
Lobby of the abandoned building.
All set to fight for their lives! ;))
The un-deads! @_@
All succeeding B&W photos courtesy of QUIN TALAN.
Many thanks to the very cooperative & very talented zombies.
Without them, our game wouldn’t have been a success. m/
Of course talent fee helped a lot in inspiring them! ;))

Quite the great actors -my zombies! ;)
We hid keys in random places..
They had a hard time looking for the right ones that will open the gates.
Trying to get out. The zombies right behind them!

From the ground floor where we waited, I could hear them all screaming & at some point, I really thought a stampede headed by a herd of elephants was happening -with the way all them were running haha. The kids had such a great time that they requested for a repeat. Good thing the zombies obliged, or I would have been forced to take their place! @_@

Prepared a trophy & medals for the winners.
2nd runner up. JC :)
He couldn’t find the key that I hid in a toilet bowl tank hehehe!
1st runner up -my babyson! m/ Too bad he got the bogus key. He wasn’t very happy about it. ;P
Justin, the ultimate HERO! m/
The bravest of ’em all! :)
Photo op with 2 of the zombies.
The rest were busy feeding off their last victim! ;)

So what turned out to be an hour of running & screaming became 2! ;)) By the time they finished the 2nd round, everyone was already so hungry, thirsty & sweaty so we headed home & I fed them, lest they turned & became zombies themselves! ;P
A couple of boxes of pizza.
Pizza is a complete meal for teens, dontcha know? ;)
Pasta & chicken
Roast beef -gone in seconds! ;))
Dessert trays
Chips. Hey, isn’t my props cool?
This is what’s left of a body torn by a hungry zombie! ;))
My very happy ate.
This party was really for her & my babyson. But mostly for her.  ;)
I love seeing her smile. <3
Beer pong after.
A little beer now & then doesn’t hurt.
They know not to take it to the extremes.
Adult supervision was provided.

I’m happiest when my kids are happy. If I could make them happy all the time I would. Love you guys so much, I’m glad you had fun with your friends. Amazing Race Chinatown next! m/ Are you ready? ;)

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