The kids were half day yesterday, so we hied off to watch a movie. Unfortunately, being movie buffs, we already watched everything there was for the week, except for the tagalog ones haha. So we braced ourselves to watch a cinemalaya offering (dundundun).. Patayin sa syokot si Remington.. Zombadings! I mean the baduy title alone should have warned me haha! But I really thought it would be amusing at best! :P

The movie, being low-budgeted, had such ham actors that my skin crawled! Especially with the lead girl. The lead guy wasn’t that bad (but he wasn’t good either ha) The one who kept me in stitches were veteran actors Roderick Paulate & Eugene Domingo. So if only for them, my money was kinda worth it naman! (if push comes to shove hehe) :P

We snacked on this.. super crunchy. Just the perfect snack for horror flicks! ;P
75 pesos. Muscovado sugar used.
Sugar still, but at least healthier (???)

Drama genre in tagalog movies are much better actually. Those, I love watching (huwag lang the teeny bop movies ha -never those!). It’s the make-up & “hi-tech” (read: low tech) approach of horror movies that put the S in shame! :P Also the slapstick that is still used in comedies in tagalog movies make my skin crawl too (Vic Sotto & Dolphy NEVER make me laugh)!

It’s a good thing my baby son stayed behind or I would never have heard the end of it haha. He was cramming for his IR (investigative report) for school that he opted to stay behind. I was angry at him for not doing his work early, but then again, with the way I’ve been dragging the kids places every opportunity I get, where will they find the time nga naman? When it comes down to it, I’m really at fault. :( I’m always planning of things to amuse them & I drag them with me everywhere, that they have so limited time for anything else. I should & will do something about this…

Anyway, the girls & I were craving for pasta so we went to Sbarro. Tried out their new soooo kapal Steak Pizza yummm!!!

We 3 girls split this. It was really HUGE!
Look at the yummy filling! A meal in itself! <3
And the cheese!!!!!
We each had a half serving of pasta with meatballs.
I had penne (less messy) while the 2 girls opted for the regular spaghetti.
And of course, we have “take-home” for my babyson.
His favorite, lasagna! :)
Daddy doesn’t like italian food. So, no pasalubong for him! ;P

Ate wants to watch Ang babae sa Septic Tank next. Hahaha OMG who comes up with these titles??? Okay, maybe this saturday!!! @_@ But finish your homework first!

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