My babyson had a boys’ night out with his thugs yesterday. He doesn’t normally post food pictures, but yesterday, he posted a pamatay burger on instagram that got me drooling!

I vowed to conquer that burger by hook or by crook. Unfortunately, my babyson was scared to go back with me. He’s still having nightmares about the giant burger he forced himself to devour in one sitting! Sissy! ;P

So I dragged my 2 girls with me to BF Paranaque to face this giant that had my babyson hiding under the covers. Big mommah is gonna face THE TOMBSTONE!!!

It’s quite hard looking for Zark’s Burgers at night with the 2 direction-imbeciles with me (lels-JK!). I had to make a U-turn because apparently, Zark’s is on the 2nd floor of a building near Maywood Village & we missed it by a mark. It’s a little bit past Tahanan Village.

Zark’s originated in Taft, serving mostly DLSU students. The owner is an Archer. Maabilidad talaga ang mga Lasallians.
He has expanded to one in BF, and the next one opening soon in the (Ateneo) Katipunan vicinity.
If you’re the sosi & iffy type. I’m warning you, this place IS NOT for you. I repeat, NOT. See why..
The place is not pretty -at all. It’s basic: a table & some chairs stools.
I guess the people really come here for the burgers. And I’m thinking the burgers really must be THAT good for people to come! ;)
There’s an aircon so it’s pretty cool inside.
The stool that kept groaning & creaking under my heavy weight.
And that was PRE-tombstone pa ok!
Their utensils are in a plastic dish.
And all their condiments are in plastic containers as well.
So if you are on the IFFY side, mag-Friday’s ka nalang ok? ;))
Come at your own risk. DO NOT BLAME ME PLEASE.

Ate, as usual, is on a diet, so she took out a salad pack from Italianni’s. Her self-control is really admirable.

Looking over the menu & counting calories. Hay! @_@
Her boring food. :P
Skin & bones na this girl! :'((

But enough of her boring salad. Let’s get back to the EXCITING burgers!!! m/

(This photo belongs to Zark’s) 
(This photo belongs to Zark’s)
My Lovey’s All American Burger 145 php.
She wasn’t able to finish this. And my Lovey is a bottomless pit ha, like me.
But this one, she really couldn’t finish! 
My TOMBSTONE!!! 500 php
4 layers of thick, fat, juicy, greasy patties with cheese in between & an overload of fries!!! <3 
Again. MY TOMBSTONE, without any distraction!!! m/
Just looking at it made me gain 100 pounds!!!
I had to keep holding on to the bun to keep it from tumbling down, I tell you.
How I ate my burger. I MUTILATED IT!!! ;))
There’s no way you can really bite into that GIANT burger without getting a,lock jaw!
I had to use my utensils. 1-1/2 way into my burger, I was feeling dizzy already & felt the clogging in my arteries.
But can you see the joy in my face? That BIG SMILE says how HAPPY I was!!! <3
Of course, I didn’t get to finish the burger. So I lost the challenge.

WHAT CHALLENGE, you ask? Read on! (The 2 photos below belong to Zark’s)

Triple cheeseburger with SPAM, BACON, and overflowing CHEESE SAUCE on top.
If you finish this in 5 minutes, it’s FREE! 250 php
2-pound cheeseburger covered with cheese sauce & served with 300 grams of fries!
Finish in 10 minutes & you’ll have your picture posted on the wall of fame & you’ll get a free t-shirt.
Like this! ;))

I had to soothe my shattered ego by ordering this dessert! Could my night get any better??? <3

Yes. You read it right. DEEP FRIED SNICKERS & MARS available!!! <3
My, oh my!!!
As if chocolate wasn’t bad enough, they had to DEEP FRY it & put a dollop of ice cream on top.
(Or you will see heaven after eating this!) 
Chocolatey goodness, I tell ya! <3 <3 <3
Had to take this bundle in order for my tummy to settle. I’m thinking this Zark’s thing will be a one time thing. (One in a month, nyehehe!)
Meet my new BFF.. Kremil-S! ;))

On another note, have you noticed that I’m just one ray of happy sunshine this merry month of May? Lumalamig na kasi, I don’t wilt & overheat so easily. Mas maganda na ang disposition ko. I really thrive on cool weather.

Hey guys, I’m BACK!!! ;)

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