Zao Vietnamese Bistro

After our brief stay at the Wicked blessing (previous post), Kap & I had the kids roam the mall to look for a place for our late lunch while we HHWW (held hands while walking) & pretended we were on a date hehe. We were so excited to try out the new exciting restos, it’s not often that we get to venture out this far.

Being a holiday, the mall was expectedly packed, and the restos they wanted to try were full to the brim, with the wait list as long as santa’s list! :P So we just decided to eat at a Vietnamese resto, the only one that wasn’t as crowded.


Fresh rolls 215 php

Shrimp cakes 315 php

Grilled Chicken Salad 225 php. Too heavily dressed, you can see it’s swimming in vinegar.

Salt & Pepper Squid 275 php, winner of the day. <3 The squid were so tender & perfectly seasoned.

Chicken Pho 225 php

Zao Pho 265 php

Zao Bowl 295 php

Honey Glazed Chicken 245 php

Fire Cracker Prawns 385 php

Vietnamese Halo Halo 165 php

I know I really shouldn’t expect much in terms of service during the holidays, I won’t go into details anymore but really, the service that day SUCKED big time. Sana if the food were ok, it would have been bearable. Sadly, vietnamese food will NEVER be on top of our food list. Dapat naghintay nalang pala kami. </3

The only saving grace for that family lunch were these kids who kept hamming it up & prevented me from going into that deep black hole of a bad mood. :P Thank goodness for my adorable babies. <3


Tell me, how can I not smile & be happy with these bozos around? :)

Ang kukuleeeeet!!!


By the way, look who I bumped into at the mall! :)


Lauren is my young reader who walked up to me & smiled shyly. I recognized her immediately from her instagram pictures & I asked her for a phot op. I just love meeting my readers, it gives me a warm sense of love & accomplishment! <3

I also bumped into Kat, author of COME TO MY WINDOW, whom I truly & greatly admire for her strength & courage. You may read her blog HERE. She has taught me to be even more affectionate & loving. And to never let a day go by without telling people you love “I LOVE YOU”.
Don’t mind the photo bomber behind us. Epal much! ;))


A day with my family is never wasted, never mind that some things don’t always go the way we want it to. What’s important is the quality of time we spend together. Life is too short. Live, Love, Laugh! :)

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