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Yuujin Japanese Cuisine

After my 4-hour nail enhancement, Ate & I were so famished. And we were both craving for sushi so she googled on the best japanese restos in greenhills. And it brought us to YUUJIN JAPANESE CUISINE. Yuujin is so simple, no frills, but I would really strongly advice that you give it a try when you’re in the area. Read on & you’ll know why I’m raving about this resto.


Yuujin Greenhills

221 Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan (02) 706-0626

Yuujin is a no frills, no pretentions, simple looking japanese restaurant which made me all the more excited because I’ve been to the Little Tokyo strip in Makati whose restos pretty much look like this & you’d be surprised at what authentic japanese restos can cook up! \m/


We came in at 6PM so there was still plenty of space. I was glad, I wanted some peace & quiet to relax & unwind after being “manhandled” by so many people at the Salon, lels.

One after the other, our sushi plates came out & I was pleasantly surprised to see such huge pieces! <3 And with actual raw fish that you can see with the naked eye. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing more rice than fish on your sushi. And that you actually have to look for it! At Yuujin, what we got were gigantic sushi with fresh, raw fillings! <3

Rock & Roll 300 php. Tuna & Salmon chunks. I really don’t mind paying more as long as I can actually see my fish chunks! And this is the bomb. <3


See? Now THAT’s what I’m taking about. More fish than rice. Fresh too! <3 And incredibly affordable too!


Spicy Salmon Maki 210 php.


Uni Sushi 300 php. Sea urchin


Sunflower Maki 225 php. I could barely close my mouth when I popped in this baby one after the other. :P


I would really love to go back for more of their yummy & for lack of better word, super cheap makis..






Yasai Itame 205 php. Also with meat that you can see without looking for it. <3


Maguro Teppan Don 330 php. Cooked tuna with bean sprouts.


And my utmost favorite that evening, my wonderful katsudon 250 php. <3 One of the best pork katsudons I have even tasted. And I love how the sauce seeped in to the depth of my rice bowl.


Very happy ladies. :) Thank you Ate for always being my sidekick, taking care of me, and being the Spice to my Sugar. I love you!!! :-*


I now have a favorite japanese resto in greenhills! Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so very far anymore. ;)

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