Yushoken Ramen House

I usually try my best to endure & wait it out during the kids’ sportsfest. Really, I do. But yesterday, even though my @$$ was multi padded with layers upon layers of fats, I simply could not endure the bleachers anymore! @_@
My babylove looked sooooo cute! And with that smiling face to boot!!! <3

My babyson was probably wishing the floor would open & eat him up haha..
The costumes they have to wear, geez! @_@
He had a SOLO number amidst all this!
Too bad Kapitan K was too slow (& maybe too surprised) to catch it & take a picture for future blackmails! :((
Jampacked! :)
Believe me.. those bleachers are evil, hateful contraptions!
Yes. I wasn’t in pink! </3
The kids didn’t tell me it was sportsfest huhu. They just said be there for their dance number! :((
I can’t believe the mommy of the TEAM CAPTAIN wasn’t in full support mode! @_@
There’s my Pink Team Captain! <3
Mommy was gushing & swooning the whole time.
Ang galing sumayaw ng babyson ko! #fanmode #proudmommah

Even Bamboo’s presence couldn’t keep me there..

Nor the Azkals’ (or rather the youngbrothers)..

My bayson is such a fan! :P
My 3 boys! <3

So, with my tail behind my legs, and a sheepish apology to my 2 younger kids with the promise of returning to pick them up after 2 more excruciating (for me) hours, I hightailed home to ate so we can have a ramen brunch at YUSHOKEN (02-808-7424)! ;)) Jin’s post of too much ramens made me suddenly crave! :P

NINE ramen posts, one after the other!!!
Jin’s posts really made me crave!

Unmarked restaurant right beside Omakase in Molito Complex.
I didn’t even know it was Yusoken if it wasn’t for the guard.
I thought it was part of Omakase all along! :P
Diligently making gyozas.
Fresh & yummy, just the way I like my gyozas. <3
We got there before opening time which is 11 a.m.
They were so nice to let us in & wait.

I don’t know if this is just for now, but their choices are really very limited. 7 kinds of ramen.
And the menu.. ???
OMG. They don’t allow take-outs!
Nazi much!
I know it was only the middle of the day, but this was definitely a MUST try!
Before they started the day, everyone went out to do a japanese chant of some sort.
Syempre, naki-usi talaga ako! :P
I thought it was a spiritual ritual.. turns out tongue twister lang pala hehe..
Ice cold japanese beer with my gyoza.. perfect combination! <3
The beer had a slightly bitter aftertaste that went well with the minced meat.
Hitachino 290 php
Gyoza 150 php
One of the best I’ve tasted. My babyson would have loved this so! :(
My Tantanmen Ramen 380 php
I was really hoping the serving would be a bit bigger with the price being on the high end.
It was good though, and spicy -exactly the way I like my ramen.
Ready to instagram! ;))
Don’t be deceived. The bowl’s not that big really.
It’s just my camera’s angle.
Ate’s Miso Ramen 380 php
What a beautiful smile on a beautiful girl on a beautiful day! <3
I must say, she really loves her ramen!

And since we weren’t allowed to bring home any for the 2 kids -yes even gyozas! (BOO!!!), ate & I hopped over to omakase next door for some sushi take-aways for my 2 other loves.. and dessert! ;))

My Tempura Ice Cream 95 php
Ate’s Coffee Jelly 90 php

I’m so happy they have Monday off. More time to spend with me, yay! m/ And I’m also excited for my date with SHEILA! Have a happy sunday, everyone! :-*

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