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YouTube FanFest Meet & Greet

I may claim to be a hip & updated mom, but I gotta admit, I was clueless as to who these YouTubers were that got my youngest daughter gaga. Hindi mapakali ang pwet. From the time that she found out they were coming, to the day that she actually met them, umiikot talaga ang tumbong.

She even prepared a care pack that consisted of Filipino snacks, wrote a loooong letter to CASPAR LEE -her ultimate crush (yes longer than what I normally get from her!), and kept changing her supposed OOTD for the event until the very day!


The precious tags.. Pink (special Sunsilk/Close Up guest tag) and White with a CL on it.

YouTube FanFest or #YTFF is free and only requires registration (first-come first-served). The 2-hour show sponsored by Close-Up & Sunsilk featured a mashup of music, comedy and beauty all together in one stage. This wildly popular event is a first for the Philippines – previous YouTube FanFest s have been held in India, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Canada.




The YouTube FanFest featured the biggest Filipino and international YouTube stars who came & conquered the 4,000 capacity Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila: Bethany Mota, Caspar Lee, Thatcher Joe, Kurt Hugo Schneider, AJ Rafael, Macy Kate, and the Philippines’ very own Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Chicser, Ana Victorino, Allstar Productions & a lot more.

As I wasn’t there to experience the whole thing, here is my Lovey to regale you with her YouTube FanFest fairy tale. With her Ate as the fairy godmother this time around.. ;)


My lovely girls with Jasper Donat, CEO of Branded -the producer of YouTube FanFest (L) & #YTFF host Dom Lau. What a surreal experience for my baby girl just because her Ate loves her oh so very much. My dearest Ate, I really appreciate your support for your sister. I know it wasn’t easy for you being her chaperone standing & enduring the noise & crowd from 1:30-11:30. TEN HOURS of giddy, SCREAMING teeny boppers left & right. It’s not your style, but for the love of Jena you did it. I don’t know why or how I was blessed with such great kids. All I know is I’m so thankful that you truly love & like each other genuinely to be each other’s BFF. What lengths you would go through for each other. I’m a very happy mommah. Thank you BEA for this awesome gift. It’s one experience our Lovey will never ever forget!

“It all started when I saw the hashtag #BringYoutubersToManila on Twitter. I clicked it and read that they were actually bringing my ultimate favorite Youtubers to Manila.

Some people have addictions to boy bands like One Direction, but my addiction is to Youtubers! I’ve been watching their videos just a little bit after they started I was already a subscriber before they got to a hundred thousand subscribers. Caspar Lee, my ultimate ultimate favorite, has 4.6 million subscribers. Joe Sugg has 4.7 million. Oli White has a little over a million. These are my top 3 favorite Youtubers. Watch them on the links I provided (click on their names) and you’ll know why! ;))


Caspar Lee (L), Oli White (M), and Joe Sugg (R)

Registration started at 2PM and we got there exactly at two but ended up having to line up anyways.


Round 1 (outside). Take note of the sign -OUCH much. :P



Round 2 (inside)

We were in line for a good hour and a half and someone from the organizers suddenly asked: “who got their tickets from Close up or Sunsilk?”

I immediately screamed “ME” and raised my hand as far as I could. Turns out our tickets had special access. We finally got through the line and said “bye and see you later” to the people we made friends with in our line.

Once we registered we got two tags Pink (special guest tag) and white with a CL on it (Caspar Lee) we then went to the other end of the building and saw a HUUUUUUGE line. But since we had the special Close up/Sunsilk guest pass they let us through, and we got to go up immediately and watched the question and answer portion of Bethany Mota,  Kurt Schneider, Aj Rafael and Bogart the Explorer!




After that we lined up for the meet and greet and since we had the special guest pass, the line wasn’t long at all because we were priority, the only ones who were allowed to meet them were special guests and some lucky winners of meet and greet passes. THANK YOU SO MUCH ATE & BEA!!!



Once inside they made us form an organized line, and the crowd went wild when they all went out one by one. So many people were crying and I was like -I don’t understand why they’re crying. they should be happy! And then when it was my turn to meet my chosen Youtuber, I almost lost it and teared up a little. And then I understood why they were crying. They were crying because they were happy, and so was I! <3


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! <3 (huhu ‘scuse the face I tried really hard not to cry).


I understood that right there was my (shallow, but still) dream coming true and I am so blessed and fortunate to have my wish granted. <3

My Ate was so patient with me & even made a game plan for when I met my Bae. Her plan was to hold up her phone and my phone while I was having my Meet & Greet -one for a video and one for pictures while I get my phone case signed and after she’d have my phone to get a video for my friends and then take a group picture. Now how many Ates do that for their kid sister right? She’s one in a gazillion! <3



Then it was finally time for the actual Youtube Fanfest. It was really crazy with everyone screaming. There was practically no break & my Ate & I stood for over 10 hours -hungry & tired but I didn’t care. I was too happy. :)







Thank you so much to my fairy godmothers: my wonderful Ate, her friend ate Bea for the super hard-to-get tickets, Mommy for keeping up with my obsession & enabling my fangirl mode, and of course my NINANG Marina for giving us a surprise staycation! Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! <3


Some of my friends whom I saw before & after the Meet & Greet. See mommy? I’m not the only one gone gaga! :P



And even more!



Our shuttle ride back to the hotel from the Grand Ballroom. Also available only for those with the special tags & who were staying in the hotel. Good thing too because my Ate & I were super tired.

How I wish Mommy was able to come with us so she could have seen the Grand Ballroom. Too bad we only had 2 tickets. But it turns out that she got an invite for the ribbon-cutting from her friends at Marriott Manila. So she will blog about it tomorrow. The ballroom is really HUGE & pretty, do watch out for that.”

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