Your Votes Please???

The candidates vying for the title of Mr. & Ms. Science were assigned zodiac signs which will be their theme throughout the pageant week (pictorial, outfit, etc.).

I’m so happy that ate was assigned Pisces since it’s MY sign & the one closest to my heart so I know EVERYTHING there is to know about it, teehee! :P

It’s supposed to be a modern take on the sign. Corny naman kung lagi sya may hawak na isda! :P So we focused more on the color. Nautical for the casual shoot, and Water (aquamarine flowing gown) for the formal theme wear. Where can I get a bonggacious headdress kaya? Any suggestions? I tried looking for it online I couldn’t find any huhu.

They had their shoot last week for the facebook page. I know they are ALL deserving, but I hope you will help me in “liking” ate’s picture online. The one who gets the most “likes” will be get the People’s Choice award. Please click HERE and HERE to get to the TWO links to UST College of Science’s facebook page to vote for JANA GO. SUPPORT US ON THIS, I beg of you! ;))

Allow me to introduce to you the equally lovely & handsome candidates for the College of Science. Let me just say that THESE PICTURES DO NOT BELONG TO ME. THEY BELONG TO THE U.S.T. COLLEGE OF SCIENCE. :)

Ms. Psychology

Ms. Biology

Ms. Applied Math

Mr. Chemistry

Ms. Microbiology

Mr. Applied Math

Mr. Psychology

Ms. Chemistry

Ms. Physics

Mr. Microbiology

Mr. Biology

Mr. Applied Physics

There you go ladies & gentlemen. As I said, they are all lovely & handsome, and I’m sure very good people too. All equally deserving, but alas, only 1 pair can emerge victorious. So I am thanking you guys in advance for your most invaluable vote. Christmas gift nyo na ito sa akin please? ;))

Keeping my fingers (& toes) crossed! :-*

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