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Yoree Korean Dining

The first time RICHIE invited us to try out this new Korean restaurant at The Fort, I was sick. Very sick. So even though my heart was breaking at the thought of missing out on my favorite banchan & korean BBQ, I had to beg off because I was croaking like a bullfrog & I also didn’t want to contaminate them all with my virus.

I really thought that was the end of it, until Richie remembered how much I LOVE Korean food & invited me a second time. I knew there was a reason why I adore you so, Richie! <3

Yoree Korean Dining

Forum South Global, 7th Ave corner Federation Drive, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 357-0796
Twitter: @yoreebbq
Instagram: @yoreebbq

We almost didn’t see Yoree Korean Dining. Waze told us we have reached our destination, and yet, No Yoree was in sight & I was getting frustrated by the minute. I have conditioned myself that I was having Korean BBQ for lunch & Kap was threatening to take me home if, on our 3rd round, we still couldn’t find it. Luckily, on our 4th, we went in the Mc Donald’s drive thru and found it. It’s right beside Sarsa (if you know where THAT is!). Yay! Yoree was hidden all along by an ongoing construction. Gah. What you do for love of food!

Yoree, which means “to cook” in Korean, was the product of Oh-Jin Kwong‘s blood, sweet, and tears. He started opening Korean restaurants in Asia after a disappointing stint in Kuala Lumpur.


Yoree Korean Dining.





With CEO Madam Kyung Ha Yoon, and Executive Chef Jin Hwan Lee welcoming us warmly.


Yoree Iced Tea 120 php.


I’m a full-grown adult, but I can never get over this magic towel that rises when poured with hot water. There will always be an inner child in each of us. ;)


4 kinds of Banchan which I was craving for so badly. Pickle, kimchi, muchim, and dills.


Juk or rice porridge.


Veggies to wrap the barbecued meat in. I love Korean BBQ because I can have lots & lots of veggie-wrapped meat for as many as I want without the guilt. Busog lusog lagi ang peg ko pag Korean food! ;)


Charcoal barbecue.

PicMonkey Collage1

Yang Nyum Gal Bi 280 g. 580 php – seasoned short rib marinated with sweet and savory sauce with shrimp and vegetables.

PicMonkey Collage2

Wagyu Kkot Dung Sim 130 g. 780 php. Premium wagyu rib-eye steak with button mushroom.


Jumulleok 150g 480 php. Beef marinated with salt and sugar and massaged for two hours. Definitely my favorite among all the beef entrees. So tender & melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

PicMonkey Collage3

Samgyeop Sal 150g, 380 php. Sliced pork belly meat with over-aged kimchi and garlic on the side.

PicMonkey Collage4

Woo Sam Gyeop 150g, 320 php. Thinly sliced marinated beef belly.


Chef Lee showed us this MYUNG-I leaf. It’s a bit on the sour side. He then uses this to wrap morsels of meat, and then feeds us. I KID YOU NOT! We really felt so special & spoiled, lels.




There’s a new level of spoon-feeding.. erm, chopsticks feeding! ;)) This is why I adore Richie, riot all the time when we’re with him. <3


Chef Lee skips feeding me & goes direct to Kap. WHAT ABOUT ME??? @_@ Mangangayayat ako niyan!


Geran Jjim 130 php. I thought there would be rice under that mountain of gloriously fluffy egg. To my amazement, it was all egg through & through.. which made for a very happy me! ;) I gave Kap my rice bowl & in exchange, I was able to have this all to myself. Perks of a beloved wife. :P


Seafood jap chae 250 php. Sweet potato noodles with plump shrimps, sauteed veggies, and slivers of beef served in a twist-top wax paper to seal in the juices.


Hae Mool Pa Jeon 200 php. It’s like pizza without the dough. Oh happy day! <3


Have Mool Soon Tofu 380 php. Soft tofu & seafood soup. I love anything & everything spicy so this definitely made my day.


Jeonju Dol-Sot Bibimbap. Rice & veggies on hot stone. Small 180 php/Reg 380 php. Shown here is the small version.



Hongcho Makgeolli or Fermented Rice Wine. 195 php.


Cheers to the good life that refuses to make me lose weight! \m/ Diet+Food blogger.. NOT exactly a good match! :P


Pat bing-su 170 php. Delicious shaved ice with sweetened adzuki (red bean), mango, and candied pecans.


Again, due to my senior citizen moment, the name of this dried fruit escapes me. Any volunteer please? It’s not apricot I’m sure he told me.



Thank you so much YOREE for having us over & feeding us with such delightful Korean Barbecue cooking.. and then some! Thank you too, Aencille & Richie, for including us on the invite! :-*

O’Hey! If your budget doesn’t allow mid-to-high-end Korean dining, then Yoree has a budget-friendly sister restaurant just next door named O’Rice. Korean Rice Toppings! FTW right?

Check it out on Facebook!



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