Ying Ying

Another binondo escapade! @_@ MIL had a meryenda date with her BFF yesterday. Uuuuuyyyyy sinama kami, in fairness! ;))

This sight gets my kapitan K’s heart to beat faster hehe.. #certifiedchink
Saw lots n lots of TIKOY! <3 Oh yes. It’s THAT time of the year! ;)
Tikoy in all flavors & sizes! <3
This is not an advertisement. :) I just like to make your life easier.

For me, Eng Bee Tin makes the BEST tikoys. Look, they even came up with TEA-koy for the sosyaleras who are into tea-infused anything! (not me though, I’m into the plain flavor-free tikoy) ;))

Special TEA-koy! ;)
Retails for 330 php/box of 4 flavors.
They are always out of stock though. Mabenta because of it’s uniqueness.
Was able to get just 1 box & I gave it to MY own BFF as pasalubong.
Maybe next time I get to sample, I’ll tell you all about it. ;) 
Red TEA-koy, Jasmine TEA-koy, Milk TEA-koy, and Green TEA-koy! ;))
Whoever thought of these must have gotten a big raise from Mr. Ube a.k.a. GERRY CHUA himself! 

Then had meryenda at Ying Ying’s. Madame Ying is the spouse of President Restaurant’s owner. For my hunny, authentic dimsum means he has to be surrounded by our ka-lahi! ;)) Nothing beats tribal company hehe.

Just outside their door, you can find an assortment display of dimsum.
Keber nila kung may langaw. Go lang! :P
Unfortunately, we were stuck with the female server on the left. (Oh I’m sure you can distinguish her from the rest!)
Asim ng mukha! BV pa ang service. Hayz! </3

Btw, you might be wondering what the lady is doing with the plastic bag.
It seems this is their high-tech way of capturing those pesky flies! ;P

My Lovey’s bubble though: Daddy is paying. MUST CONTROL MYSELF! ;))
Peace, baby! <3

Xiao Long Pao. (Not BAO – which has the soup inside)
Th skins are kinda thick. I would recommend you go to SHI LIN for the BEST Xiao Long Bao

Hakaw. Wasn’t too happy with this either. The skin was too think & pasty. </3
The shrimp balls weren’t that crunchy. But hey, at 70/4, what did I expect? :P
Okay, this may just be my favorite dish in Ying Ying’s. 
and this. Although I noticed they really like thick skins! @_@
I missed my babyson so very much. :'((
He had homework so he opted to stay home. But I made sure he had plenty of pasalubong! <3

Next week is Chinese New Year! m/ Gotta google where to take the superfriends for some yummy authentic chinese grub & dragon dancing. Any suggestions? ;)

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