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Yanagi Midas Hotel & Casino Revisited

I have often mused out loud that the GOppets must have been Japanese in our past lives with the way we LOVE everything Japanese.. especially the food. I didn’t realize we looked it too until Kap was greeted in Japanese as we entered our favorite Japanese resto, YANAGI Midas Hotel. Even the Head Chef CHESTER LUCAS asked if Kap was Japanese. It made me L-O-L. :P


The restaurant’s name YANAGI hails from a mystical Japanese willow tree that is said to boost the essence of love & dreams. Now most of you would know that I am already a very fulfilled woman with the man of my dreams, but a little more never hurts. ;)



YANAGI offers a wide range of Japanese dishes which includes fresh sushi selections, teppanyaki & fusion-inspired creations without overlooking the traditional Japanese staples. Yanagi Midas Hotel has 2 function rooms for your private events. UME (below left) & SAKURA (below right). Both can fit 10-12 pax comfortably.

We are frequent customers of YANAGI Midas Hotel‘s Misono Weekend Buffet. Affordably priced at 1,485 php nett from Fridays to Sundays lunch & dinner, and with an all-Japanese spread to choose from, it’s like we struck gold at Midas! ;) I can say in all honesty and without batting an eye, that when Japanese buffet is mentioned, there is only one place we would go to in Manila, and that is YANAGI Midas Hotel.

We always thought YANAGI Midas Hotel offered buffet all week long because the kids are only available on weekends so we never had the chance of going on other days of the week. We were pleasantly surprised to find out they had ala-carte too. And what a fun, fun date Kap & I had when we were treated to a mouthwatering lunch!


With chef Chester Lucas (M), Japanese head chef of Yanagi. ERWIN DONA III (seated), associate director for PR & brand. And Cezca Estrada-Coligado (L), Marketing officer of Yanagi. Thank you so much for having us! <3



I was so excited to sample never-before-tested Japanese fusion ala-carte meals by the innovative chef. We always go for the buffet so this was a most welcome treat!

Yanagi Midas Hotel and Casino

Mezzanine Floor, Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Blvd. PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay (02) 902-0100 loc. 1103

To read my previous post on YANAGI Midas Hotel CLICK HERE. We have gone back several times since but I just didn’t feature our visits anymore because of the more or less same all-time-favorite buffet spread. This time though, I was excited to try other dishes not included in their buffet.

YANAGI Midas Hotel has a Filipino chef at the helm. One good thing about Filipino chefs is they know how to tickle the native palate. They twist & fuse to make Japanese dishes suit the Filipino taste. So if you are adventurous, as you can see in the succeeding photos below of our very interesting lunch, you will certainly love dining at YANAGI Midas Hotel! <3


Aburi Sushi 610 php. Slightly burnt sushi tuna, salmon, eel, hamachi & Lapu-lapu. This is one complete sushi dish for you right here with all the seafood assortment you fancy. Since there was only 1 of each, I really wanted all to myself, lels. But my mom taught me the concept of sharing. And so I did. :P But the next time the GOppets visit Yanagi Midas Hotel, we will definitely go for the Ala-Carte so the kids can also have a taste of something different. And I am getting my own Aburi Sushi to savor. Noms! <3



Tempura Maki 600 php. Thick roll with prawn tempura. Not all Filipinos like to eat raw food, so Chef Chester set off some sushi dishes that have slightly cooked seafood. I say, BRAVO for going against the norm & trying new & modern concepts! \m/



Now this is one impressive & ingenious creation fusing oyster & papaya. Who would have thought? Kaki Papaya Yaki 500 php. Grilled Japanese oyster in papaya with miso sauce (which I mistakenly thought to be topped with cheese, silly me!). You should never dine at Yanagi Midas Hotel without sampling this particular dish.



There were about 3-4 pcs of precious oysters in the papaya. The saltiness of the sea mixed well with the sweetness of the fruit. I grade this 100%!



Ebi Tamago Sauce 600 php. King prawn with egg sauce. I was happy to have been presented with so many seafood choices that day. I’ve been having tummy problems so the light & fresh (mainly) seafood diet was met with approval from my tummy. ;)



Another light & fresh dish, this Suzuki Miso Yaki 900 php. Grilled sea bass with miso paste. I am positive Ate will love this because of its simplicity yet flavorful & clean taste.



Kaminabe 700 php. Boiled assorted seafood & vegetables in paper pan. Now I really squealed & clapped in delight as chef Chester laid this on our table. I have never seen such creative presentation of soup!

But because YANAGI Midas Hotel knows & appreciates that not everyone is the same, they also have the traditional Japanese menu, untouched & original, for those who are old school & appreciates conventional taste.


Yanagi Midas Hotel boasts of the freshest seafood spread. Displayed proudly, beckoning you to come & have a taste..





There is also your usual Ebi Tempura 450 php. Sure to be a hit with both the kids & kids at heart. I must have eaten 3! :P



You know it! If Yanagi Midas Hotel didn’t have me yet at fresh sashimi, they definitely had me at teppanyaki! LOVE! <3



Chef Chester prepared for us 3 kinds of appetizers, Teppanyaki (tenderloin, chicken, prawn, salmon), Scallop & sauteed vegetables, Salad, Plain Rice, Miso soup & fruit dessert.




Maguro peppered steak 520 php. This was another star of our lunch. Fresh tuna with black pepper steak. I may not be able to go vegetarian, but with seafood as fresh as these, and seasoned & cooked ever so magnificently, I may just live with being a Pescatarean. Swear! ;) I didn’t feel half as stuffed & full than if I had meat during the course of our lunch.




Aaand I spoke too soon. But of course I really don’t mind. Who would say no to this lovely tenderloin? Not I.




Teppanyaki Combination Bento 900 php. Heaven! <3



Other Bento choices available.


Perfect meal ender on a hot, HOT day. Smooth, thick & rich ice cream churned at Yanagi Midas Hotel. Noms! Assorted flavors of Black sesame, Wasabi (with a kick!), Red beans & Green tea that packs a light, yet mean punch! I loved them all! <3



My good friend, popular brand ambassador & pastry chef/baker JOHN STA. CRUZ of CAKE PLANET & CAFE who also has a “serious” day job at Midas Hotel & Casino was able to take a breather & join us for lunch & I was so happy to see him again. Thank you for joining us John! :-* John gave me a bunch of yummy cakes on my birthday, if you remember. :)



My hunny Kap, who is always mistaken for a Japanese, is happy. And when he’s happy, Miso happy too! <3

Thank you so much Erwin, Cezca, and Chef Chester for having us over for such a FUNtabulous lunch & round of chit-chat. Seriously, I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the scrumptious food or the non-stop chatter & laughter in between mouthfuls. This is one lunch Kap & I truly enjoyed! <3

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