Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen

Had the perfect opportunity for a dinner date with my Lavinia (a.k.a my constant companion) last friday as ate tried out P.F. Chang’s with her senior class, and my babyson had a ball game with his thugs.

Normally, we wouldn’t go for vietnamese. But since I really really want to try out ALL the new restaurants in town (that is my goal in life– shallow noh?!), and my Lavinia is easier to manipulate than her 2 siblings (hahaha), we went inside Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen so I can finally tick it off my “bucket list” ;)

Cute costumed smiling servers! :)
This is along the strip of the new extension wing across starbucks (just beside PFC’s)

I’m so happy to say that the price is soooooo affordable!!! Our total bill just came to 789.73 php!

My lavinia who remains to be my loyal & constant companion! <3
Complimentary vietnamese kropec
Shrimp rolls 150 php
Pomelo salad 185 php
Hu Tieu Beef Stew (for me) 215 php
Would have wanted it spicy, coz it said spicy in the menu.
Found it somewhat bland. But I guess vietnamese cuisine is really a bit bland, eh?
5-spice chicken for my Lavinia, 175 php
(she said it tasted like curry, but she found it yummy)

Just think, if we ordered only the main entrees, our bill would have come up to less than 400 php! ;) So because we “saved”, we treated ourselves to dessert at Starbucks! (which turned out to be more expensive than our dinner! ;P)

Too bad the starbucks chinese new year dragon bearista is out of stock! :(( My baby girl has been collecting SB bears & would have loved this! :(( We learned that only 4 goes to each branch & the baristas bought them all before any one else can lay a hand on them boohoo! :((
Too cute for words!! ANd limited too! :((

Thank you, my Lovey, for such a wonderful, relaxing date. I’ve enjoyed your company 24/7 for 4 straight days that I’m missing you so much already! </3 Let’s do this again very soon! I love you so much, thank you for always taking care of mommy! :-*

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