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Xin Tian Di

For our Valentine’s lunch date, Kap & I were super excited to try the Dimsum-All-You-Can of Xin Tian Di (meaning New Heaven & Earth) in Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was very fitting that not only were we having a LOVE feast on the couples’ most celebrated day, but a FOOD feast as well! <3

Dimsum Unlimited Lunch Buffet available daily at P1,188 nett.

Besides, XTD -said to offer over 60 selections ranging from dimsum variety to noodles, rice, vegetarian dumplings, desserts & more, is the only & remaining (hotel) Dimsum buffet we haven’t tried (I think). I’ve tried, Passion in Maxim’s Tower, Shang Palace in Makati Shangri La Manila, Li Li in Hyatt Manila, and Phoenix Court in The Bellevue Manila. So I was really, REALLY excited to cross this off my list & declare myself the queen of unli-dimsum! ;P

A week in advance, I made a reservation, then also placed a “reminder call” a day before to guarantee 2 best seats on what I assumed would be a full house. Not only were we surprised to find an empty resto on Valentine’s day (I guess most celebrate V dinner), but after being guaranteed repeatedly that they will have the usual unlimited dimsum on February14, the Chef scraped out the dimsum party entirely to make way for the Valentine set menu for dinner AND lunch! @_@

Now you know that set-menu will simply not do for Kap & I! :P

That was all well & good, except the receptionist conveniently forgot to give me a head’s up so I had at the very least, the option of either agreeing to stay for the set menu, or looking for another place since our hearts were really set on a dimsum feast.

As it was already 1:30 PM by the time we got to Crowne Plaza due to the expected traffic, plus chalking up a grazed roof on our car because of the low-ceilinged, confusing basement parking, we just decided to stay & order ala-carte to save the day.

Oh yes. The sight of these babies made my heart flutter.

Xin Tian Di Chinese Restaurant

4/F Crown Plaza Galleria Manila, Ortigas Ave.

Ugong Norte, Quezon City(02) 633-7222 loc. 7240

Complimentary appetizer & tea as we waited for our daily dose of goodness.

Kap got the Fish Lip Soup 200 php (add ++ to all)

While I got THE BEST Hot & Sour soup I’ve tasted in my entire existence! <3
180 php/single bowl.

My Valentine *insert starry eyes here* ;)

Sizzling Beancurd with minced pork 380 php. Hands down our favorite item on the menu! LHAV!!

Ok change that. Make it MY FUNNY VALENTINE. *insert rolling eyses here*


Shrimp Egg Rice Noodle 380 php
Swimming in egg drop soup-like substance, but the hofan mix inside was really good & tasty.

Sizzling Chicken with Red Onion & Black Beans 380 php. I’m glad we got plain rice (50 php/single bowl) to go with our food since everything we ordered were ma-sarsa.

Sizzling Vegetable (polunchay) with Tofu & Garlic 380 php.
Could have done without. Na-sobrahan naman kami sa tokwa, lels! :P

I try to include a photo of the servers when I can.
I think it adds a dash of pizzazz to the restaurant when their servers are well-dressed, don’t you think? ;)


Hot Almond Masachi (100 php) that we shared. Para sweet! ;)
Even the masachi came in a pair. Meant to be din sila! Parang kami. <3

And don’t forget to ask for a parking ticket.

No doubt about it, the food was really good. My foul mood dissipated after one spoonful of my sweet & sour soup! <3 I really have to give credit to my hubby who is so patient with me. Always. I can be a brat when things don’t go my way (especially with food!) so he really charmed my pants off to get me back in the groove. We will just have to go back another time for the Unli-dimsum offering. At least we can have the kids with us then. I’m so excited for them to try the food in XTD. m/

Ganyan pala ang sikreto for him to be so generous! ;)) In between talking pleasantries, he ordered up a feast to make me smile since I was really looking forward to eating up a dimsum storm. Normally, he would stop at 2 viands & a rice. But this time, he really gave me a reason to turn my frown upside down since I was just about ready to eat the receptionist for lunch! :P So much food that we had a doggie bag for take home after.

Honey, thank you for a wonderful date & taking time off from your busy schedule to give me one whole day! I appreciate you for doing your best for us, your family. I know it’s not easy living with material girls hehe. And thank you for being my Valentine these past 28 years. But most of all, thank you for being the knight in shining armor who never fails me. I love you so much & I always thank God for giving me the gift of you! <3

Each day with you is really a Valentine. :)

PS: A touch of pangpa-kilig even though it’s been days since V day..

Kumpletos rekados ang binata ko. Mayflowers, card, chocolates, stuffed toy AT may pandora bracelet pa. Ubos na naman ang allowance. Hay! Nainggit ang nanay! ;P

But the sweetest for me is still this. A kind of love that transcends the test of time.. a love that is forever..

I love how they are building their relationship as sisters. I’m so blessed that my girls love one other & are BFFs. I know they’ll always have each other. <3

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