Wrong Ramen (Happy Father’s Day!)

My Kap is, I think, the MOST KULIT dad in the whole wide world. He’s funny, and MAKULIT -definitely not your average dad. Exasperating & aggravating at times, but the comic relief to my pagka-O.C. He’s like a forever Peter Pan – a boy trapped in a man’s body. He always, ALWAYS vetoes my house rules & lets the kids get away with anything & everything. Especially our boy! Exasperating! @_@

So for father’s day, we chose to celebrate his day in a restaurant that is exactly like him. Fun, no frills & pretentions. The tag line “How can something so wrong be so right” fits him to a T. Thus, Wrong Ramen was our resto of choice. Click HERE for a more detailed info of the ramen house.

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+632 823 8249 (reservations not accepted)

With the 4 greatest loves of my heart.
The people who bring color (literally & figuratively) into my life.<3
They wish. Funny! :)

What is Wrong Ramen’s food philosophy?

More calories, more pleasure.

This photo was grabbed from their website.

To say that the place is SMALL doesn’t even begin to describe it, my goodness! @_@ The first floor has 10 seats (not tables ok? SEATS!) The 2nd floor has around 12? And the 3rd has 15, 5 of which faces the window. Which is where we got stuck assigned to coz the place was already filled up even upon our arrival at opening time at promptly 5:30PM. Crazy, I know!
First Floor has 8 seats!
Second Floor has 12 seats!
Third Floor has 15 seats!
And guess what, we got stuck with the “bar” seats so we couldn’t really talk to one another without shouting from end to end.
But we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.
We came to conquer.. and conquer we shall! ;))
The appetizers are ok. I loved the chicken, chasu roll & tofu. The broths of the ramen are so rich I felt my arteries clogging with every slurp. And yet, we finished every single drop & morsel. Yes, the tagline seems to be apt. How can something so wrong be so right? :P
This photo was grabbed from their website.
Bacon & Cheese Katsu 265 php
Giant Oyster Katsu 255 php
Tofu Katsu 125 php
Chicken Akuma 245 php
Chasu Rice Roll 125 php
Tantanmen (spicy)  395 php
A bold, nutty sesame broth with a mild spicy kick served with ground pork and shredded chashu
Tonkatsu Rich 395 php
A deep-tasting, milky, lip-smacking pork bone and chicken broth. Served with sliced chashu.
(a LIGHT version/lighter broth with less pork fat is available)
FU Ramen 425 php
Breakfast in liquid form: Black pepper spam, strips of bacon, cheese and a crispy fried egg in a pepper and garlic broth
The Communist (spicy) 395 php
Inspired by Chinese hotpots: Seven Asian spices in a fiery red pork broth topped with sliced chashu and burnt garlic oil
Seamen Ramen 345 php
Clams, squid and shrimp in a light clam broth topped with vegetables and garlic oil
Poop of the gods 135 php
Belgian chocolate with sea salt and olive oil
At first,  I was complaining why it was MINISCULE. Then I tasted it. More than this and you will surely die!
It’s so rich & sinful you can’t possibly finish this off on your own!
Very full, very stuffed, very happy gators. :P
To my Honey, you are the MOST KULIT dad in the world but we wouldn’t have you any other way. Thank you for bringing fun & laughter into our lives. We love you so much, and we will always thank God for the gift of you. Happy Father’s Day!!! <3
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