Word of the Day! ;)

PAGLI! ;))

Okay. First of all. We love our yaya. As in truly deeply love her. We can’t live without her. She is the manager & organizer of my life.

One fine day, my daughter was looking for her water jug to bring to her social outreach program. Lo & behold she couldn’t find it. So she said to her yaya: “Yaya, I’ll just use the old jug that mommy doesn’t use anymore.” To which yaya replied: Pagli na yun!

Hmnnn… Pagli… My daughter thinks to herself… Napaglipasan na? Napaglimutan na? pagli… So she asks yaya: “Yaya? What do you mean pagli?”

Yaya says: “Pagli. Pangit na. Diba? Pagli!

Ohhhhhh… Fugly!!! (fu*&^ng ugly… Yun pala! ;)))

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