Woodrose Prom

My babyson was invited to JS Prom last saturday by a family friend..

Of course a gentleman never comes empty handed! ;)
It is best to find out the color of your date’s dress so you can coordinate the color of your tie & the corsage’s ribbon.
Little details like these mean a lot to your date. :)

Corsage IS A MUST.
Flower farm 600 php
Stuffed toy is a little extra if you want to be remembered haha..

My dashing son, ready for a night out! ;)
With Diana, his very lovely date.
But of course, stage mother is never far behind.. ;P

The lovely Ambray sisters & their prom dates.
My ate with her equally gorgeous BFF ninang! ;)
Sheila is the lovely & oh-so-young looking mom of the ambray girls.
They are soooo cute together! Talagang bagay! <3
I’m glad my babyson gets to have fun now & then. His school is really small, so I always support & encourage him when he is asked to be a prom date. Hopefully, next year, he has his own prom to attend. Keeping my fingers crossed! ;)
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