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Kap messaged us in our GOppets viber group (yes lol, we have one) some weeks back saying he had a surprise for us. When Kap says this “magical word”, I try not to get too excited. REMEMBER THIS? So yeah, I held my ground this time. I learned my lesson na haha.

Anyway, when he picked us up in ATC that afternoon, I didn’t rush over to see what his pakulo was. Instead, I walked unhurriedly, slowly opened the door, and gingerly proceeded to sit on my usual seat (shotgun). Midway, he suddenly screamed HUWWWWWWAAAAAG! I swear, my soul probably left my body momentarily in surprise. Yun pala, Wilson was perched on my seat. Or rather, the mesh shoe bag that contained Wilson was perched haphazardly on my seat. Buti nalang at hindi ko nadaganan! Kung saka-sakali pala, pisa si Wilson -RIP, trololol.

Sino si Wilson? Eto sya!

Kap was playing tennis with his usual group when suddenly there was a commotion nearby. A ballboy spotted a parrot atop a tree & he was trying, but failing repeatedly, to catch it. Kap jokingly said “sige, pag nahuli mo yan akin na ang ibon, bigyan kita ng isang libo! Faster than superman, Wilson (the ballboy) climbed up the tree & grabbed Wilson (the bird) without a moment’s thought & hurriedly claimed his 1k. See what cash incentive does? It makes you do things you thought not possible, lol.

Si Wilson, whom we named our bird after, in honor of his catcher hehe.

And so, we have another addition to our family! :P The resident princess isn’t too happy though. She’s been trying to eat Wilson the moment he/she set foot in our home. May kaagaw sa atensyon, Lelly no like.

A month now, they are still not friends.

We called the village guards to notify them & ask if someone was missing a pet parrot, but nobody claimed Wilson so I guess finders keepers. :P

Anyway, everyone has been fawning over Wilson, trying to get him/her to learn a few words. Even my mom. ;)) Something to keep her occupied at least.

The blue-naped parrot, also known as the blue-crowned green parrot, Luzon parrot, the Philippine green parrot, and locally known as pikoy, is a parrot found throughout the Philippines. This is a medium-sized parrot (31 cm), primarily green except for a light blue rear crown and nape, pale blue lower back and rump, scalloped shoulders with orange-brown on black coverts, and blackish underwings with green underwing coverts. The species is widespread throughout the Philippines, flock size is usually under a dozen. The lifespan of a pikoy is 12- 40 years or even more. It has been a well-regarded pet bird in the Philippines for decades and these birds are known to be eager mimics. Start the voice training early, and you may be amazed at how far the bird goes. The Blue-napes are friendly, outgoing parrots that seem to enjoy being around people and even the family dog. This species is cold sensitive. The wild Blue-naped Parrot has a healthy appetite for foraged items found in trees like fruits, nuts, and berries, as well as grains or seeds. The World Parrot Trust has suggested a diet that includes a high-quality small seed mix with limited sunflower in addition to soaked or sprouted seed. You should also serve a chopped salad including seasonal fruits and vegetables several times a week. The recommended nuts include walnut, hazelnut, almond, and pecan. Although your pet Blue-naped Parrot may be happy to help you eat your dinner, never feed any avocado or chocolate, as these foods are toxic to parrots.

From Wilson & the rest of the gang, happy 86th birthday today Mommy! :-* Wishing you the pinkest of health & joy in your heart. Party-party tayo later!

Happy birthday to my mom. The woman who sacrificed many a precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine. <3 Mom, all your life, your prayers have always been for our happiness. Today, my prayer is for you.

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