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Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Whenever I read food raves about new restaurants, I get super excited & my expectations rise to sky high levels. Especially if food bloggers write about it simultaneously. It makes me feel that I’m missing out on something delightfully gastronomic if I don’t dine there. Sometimes, I think it’s better if I put off reading before I actually had a shot at it myself, so I don’t expect the sun & the moon.

Such is Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, the new “in” cafe situated at The Fort. Don’t get me wrong, everything we ate was good. As good as you get elsewhere that you pay good money for. But reading about the raves, you would think you will get to taste something extra-ordinary. Maybe if I didn’t read too much gush and adoration and hype, I would have been perfectly happy & contented with the food we ordered.

The wait staff, aside from one which may have been the manager who took our orders, were not pleasant & had straight faces –medyo mga suplada -siguro kasi nasa The Fort, sosyal! :P A little smile would have gone a long way. One staff couldn’t even understand what I was saying & I had to call another to get my message across.

The ambience was nice though, and the cafe was filled with people aplenty. Most tables were reserved so I’m glad ate made reservations early for our date yesterday.

A smiling baker.. now that’s what makes a morning beautiful! :)
He should teach the wait staff some lesson on smiling. 
My prettina who managed to find the cafe *gasp* *shock*
The Fort is one serious maze! ;P
Cozy ambience. 
The crumpled menu.
I would have loved to see some pictures.
We didn’t know what to order & had to seriously study each one haha.
Wonderful bread assortment.
Bought some for the babies as pasalubong. <3
The knotted garlic bread is good, but even better if eaten there
because they provide a special sauce that you can dip into.
(see picture below)
When you buy it for a take-out, all you get is an ordinary garlic bread.
I have yet to try the Ciabatta (55 php)  tomorrow. ;P
The chocolate cupcake (95 php) was literally finger lickin’ good!
The strawberry cornbread (120 php) deserves special mention.
Bursting with so many wonderful flavors. <3
The Blueberry Almond Cake (130 php)  I haven’t sunk my teeth into yet -maybe tomorrow? ;)
Ate loved the nutella-infused Bomboloni (65 php).
I bought my babyson a banana muffin (120 php), and my Lavinia some Chocolate Eclairs (110 php/pc.)
Brunch date with my Sweetness! <3
Cute wall art. 
Wild Flour is more of a BREAD variety cafe.
If you’re not a rice-eater, then you’ll be ok here. ;)
My mid-day mimosa 270 php.
I must say, I loved it. Got hooked on it. It is now my new favorite drink! <3
(orange juice with sparkling champagne) 
Complimentary bread.
They either give you a ciabatta, or french bread.
My Apple Tart Flambee 425 php
It’s like a panizza with apples, cheese, arugula toppings.
Ate didn’t like it much because of the “exotic” toppings haha & it was more on the “sweet” side.
I found it okay.
My babyson loved the left-over I brought home.
We have different tastes! ;)
Ate’s Soup/Salad/Sandwich 370 php
She loved the grilled cheese & the tomato Soup.
She mentioned it was somewhat like Borough’s. Wouldn’t know -haven’t been there.
The salad we both found too sour & overly-dressed.
I got envious when I saw ate’s tomato soup that I ordered one for myself as well haha.
Tomato Soup 190 
Roasted Garlic Knot 160 php
My date for the day. <3
Apple Pie 170 php

WILDFLOUR CAFE + BAKERY, G/F Net Lima Building, 4th Ave corner 26th St, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, TELEPHONE (632) 856.7600

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